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Lancaster Monday 20th March 2017

Posted Monday, 20 March 2017, 4.19pm

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of Prime Hoggs this morning at Lancaster following such bad weather over the weekend with many not wanting to bother. The market average slightly less than last week but many vendors who had sheep forward last week selling to a pound or two dearer.

The trade topped at £89 from Andrew Butler of Hambleton with heavy weight Suffolks. A quality run Charollais hoggs from P Lawrenson of Walmsley fold were, once again, well bid for selling to a top of £84.50 and averaging well over £83. Mule hoggs weighing 46kg topped at £79.50 from A & J Rhodes of Lower Kit brow. Swaledale hoggs sold to a top of £77.50 for 44kg hoggs with Lonks selling to £76.50. Hoggs weighing between 39kg and 45kg were in the strongest demand averaging 173p/kg.

Cast Sheep

A fresh buyer in the market looking for Cast Sheep helped the continued strong trade at Lancaster. A larger entry this week sold to a top of £109 for Texel ewes from MJ & K Ayrton of Bambers Farm with Suffolks from the same home selling to £93. Mule ewes sold to £84 from EE Thornton & Sons of Downlands Farm with all Mules forward selling to an average of £69. Horned ewes sold twice to £51 with Swalesdales from S Park of Highfield Farm and Dalesbreds from P Asbury of Gilberton. An overall market average of £69 for ewes forward was achieved.

Breeding Sheep

A smaller entry of 30 families forward this week following a rough weekend of weather and not showing much sign of improvement yet this week. Once again, there was still plenty of interest and all sheep were eagerly bid for. Texel ewes with good quality lambs sold to £135 and £130 from W Pinder of Longstripes with Texel ewes and twins selling to £168.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £89, £82.50 Park Farm Barn, £84 Downlands Farm. MASH: £78 Holme House Farm. MULE: £79.50 Sowerby Lodge, £79.50 Low Kit Brow. £71 Low Moor Head Farm, £70 West Lynn. SWAL: £77.50 Sowerby Lodge, £59.50 Holme House Farm, £53 Back Lane. HRN: £76.50 Sowerby Lodge, £68.50 Tarnwater Farm. CHAR: £84.50 Walmsley Fold, £78.50 Sowerby Lodge. CHEV: £79.50 Park Farm Barn. TEX: £84 Downlands Farm, £84 Low Kit Brow, £82 Park Farm Barn, £80 Sowerby Lodge, £70.50 Conder Green Farm.

Cast Ewes: SUFF: £93 Bambers Farm, £90 Tarnwater Farm. MULE: £84 Downlands Farm, £81 Bambers Farm, £77 Burrow Heights Farm, £74 Bambers Farm. SWAL: £51 Highfield Farm. CHAR: £65 Highfield Farm. CHEV: £57 Gilberton Farm. TEX: £109 Bambers Farm. DALES: £51 Gilberton Farm.

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