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Lancaster Friday 24th March 2017

Posted Friday, 24 March 2017, 4.07pm

Store Cattle

There was another catalogued entry of over 200 store cattle for the sale today at Lancaster. The trade topped at £1420 for Angus steers from Alan Thompson of Carnforth. This was closely followed by a trio of Angus bullocks selling to £1,370 and a couple of Angus bullocks selling to £1,360 from GJT & V Parkinson of Preesall. Heifers sold to a top of £1,330 from JS & KM Wilson of High House for British Blue heifers with 15 cattle selling for £1,300 or more.
Black and whites sold to a top of £940 from PA & D Slater of Barnarce with all black and white bullocks forward averaging over £800.

All bullocks forward sold to a market average of £1,046 with heifers averaging £1,000.50

OTM Cattle

There was a few more cast cows in the market selling to a sharper trade this week. All OTM cattle forward sold to a market average of 119p/kg with black and white cows averaging 114p/kg.

Beef cows sold to a top of 181p/kg for young British blue cows from DI Holliday of Jacques House Farm or top gross of £1,162 from BD & PM Gill of Ingleton. Black and whites sold to 154.5p/kg from Messrs Hey of Quernmore or gross of £1,144 from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel with all black and white cows forward averaging £730 per head.

Calves and Stirks

A better entry of over 60 calves in the market today which were all eagerly bid for. A few consignments of top quality British Blue calves on offer today sold to £405 and £390 from MJ Fell of Whittingham with others selling to £385 from JS & KM Wilson of Kendal and C & AJ Woodhouse of Millom. Limousin bull calves sold to £380 JM & MH France of Littledale and British blue heifers sold to a top of £380 from MJ Fell of Whittingham. All British blue bulls forward sold to an average of £347 and heifers averaged £358.

A mixed entry of black and whites forward, saw best types sell in excess of £100 topping at £145 from JM & MH France of Littledale.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK – AA: £1420 Southways; £1370 Moss View; £1340 New Parkside Farm. FR: £940 Slack Farm; £930 Cock Hall Farm; £900 Ninezergh. LIM: £1290 High House Farm; £1160 Slack Farm; £1120 Low Fell End. HE: £1230 Low House Farm; £1100 Cragg Farm; £1100 Moss View. SIM: £1180 Lynwood. BRB: £1180 Wood Nook Farm; £1160 Lynwood; £1160 Low Hundhowe. CHAR: £1120 The Bungalow; £1090 Crooklands Farm; £1070 Bull Bank Farm. MON: £1100 Old Glasson; £930 The Bungalow. FKV: £1070 Ninezergh; £920 Bull Bank Farm.
STORE HEIFER – BRB: £1330 High House; £1170 Roseacre Hall; £1060 Kendal Hill. CH: £1250 Middle Grange Farm; £1180 High House; £1140 Low House Farm. AA: £1230 Moss View; £1120 Middle Grange Farm; £990 Croppers Farm. LIM: £1180 Slack Farm; £1080 Low Groves Farm; £1060 Daniel Fold Farm. SHO: £1090 Low House Farm. HE: £1090 Windy Hill Farm.

CAST COW – BRB: 181.5.Jacques Farm House; 141.5 Thornbush Farm; 139.5 Sunny Bank Farm. BAZ: 177.5 Yarlsber. MON: 159.5 White Lund Farm; 109.5 Walkers I’th Fields. FR: 149.5 Forton Hall Farm; 144.5 Greenalls Farm; 131.5 Walker i’th Fields. LIM: 134.5 Station Hotel; 101.5 Barker Knott. HE: 124.5 Gale Garth. SRW: 124.5 Old Holly Farm; 119.5 White Lund Farm. FKV: 109.5 White Lund Farm.
CAST HEIFER – AA: 174.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm. FR: 149.5 Lane Ends Farm; 144.5 Kirkwood Lodge Farm; 144.5 Stubb Place Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 154.5 Higher Hollinhead

HEIFER CALF –BRB: £380 Chapel House. AA: £270 Tills Farm; £250 Newhouse Farm; £230 Cocker House Farm. LIM: £100 North Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £405 Chapel House; £385 High House; £260 North Farm. LIM: £380 Newhouse Farm; £265 North Farm. FR: £145 Newhouse Farm; £100 Tills Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – AA: £450 Birkland Barrow.

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