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J36 Tuesday 15th March 2017

Posted Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 10.24am

Breeding Sheep

A small entry forward for the first sale of the season. Buyers on the cautious side waiting to see if Spring has actually started!! Trade topped for a consignment of Mule Ewes with Texel x Lambs from R Colbear, Heights Farm selling to £145 per family.


70 Pigs forward for this Monthly Sale of Prime, Cast, Store & Weaner Pigs. In the Prime Pig section all consignments forward old to a flying trade, with several extra buyers in attendance. Top price of £172 was achieved by P Baxter, Victory Cottage for 123kg Gilts with top price per kilo at 163p/kg from NJ Wilkinson, Roosecote Farm. The prime section averaged £122.63 or 128p/kg.

Weaners an excellent trade for the consignments forward with Spring fast approaching meaning all lots were keenly bid for. Top price of £40 achieved by AJ&EJ Platt, Small Holding for both Boars & Gilts.

Prime Hoggs

A very mixed entry of Prime Hoggs forward today, with a lot of vendors bringing their final consignments in for sale. An overall average of 167p/kg achieved, reflecting a large show of hill bred hoggs.

Continental Hoggs which were well finished keenly bid for topping at £94.50 for Texels from JR Capstick, Fell End closely followed by £92 for consignments from both KJ Knight, Little Guards & JG Harryman, The Galleon. Top price per kilo 206.3p/kg for Texels from JG Harryman. Charollais’ selling to £84 forward from TH & D Cornthwaite & Son, Moss End Farm and Suffolk’s to £87 from J Bargh & Son, North Farm.

Hill Bred Hoggs saw Mules sell to £87 from Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Hall Farm, Rough Fells sold to £60.50 from AEA Harrison, Mill Riggs with Cheviots Selling to £77.50 from JE Atkinson, Nibthwaite Grange Farm.

Cast Sheep

Today’s Cast Sheep Sale saw 233 forward with all classes sharper on the week and many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage. Strong continental ewes selling well, top price of £137 for Texel Ewes from IL Dixon, Cantsfield Hall. Mule Ewes well bid for selling to £93 from JE Wightman, Crabtree Farm, with plenty of other consignments ranging from £73-£85 to average £67.

Horned Ewes a firm trade with Rough Fells topping the hill breeds at £72 from I & J Mallinson, Borrow Bridge House. Swaledales ewes selling to £59 from Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Farm to average £34, which represented a very mixed entry in terms of quality.

Rams today sold to a top of £121 for a Texel from Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Hall Farm.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £94.50 Fell End Farm, £92 Little Guards, The Galleon, £91 Killington Drive, £88 Little Guards. Suff £87, £84.50, £81.50 North Farm, £77 Fell House. Mule £87 Catshaw Hall Farm, £80 Cuerdale Hall, £79.50 Barrowfield, £79 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £77 Red Scar. Char £84 Low Tarn Greem, £75, £70 The Barn, £66 Fell House, £62 The Barn. Bel £81, £71, £70 Moss House Farm. Herd £79 Rydal Farm. Dors £77.50 Brow Head. Swale £77.50, £70 Rydal Farm, £68 Holme House Farm, £60 Moss House Farm, £59 Skelwith Fold Farm. Chev £77.50 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £66.50 Gilberton Farm. BFL £76.50 Catshaw Hall Farm. Mash £75 Holme House Farm. Zwart £73.50 Brow Head. Cont £72 Moss House Farm, £65.50 Park House Farm. Dales £70 Yarlsber, £68.50 Holme House Farm, £62 Fell End Farm, £59.50 Yarlsber, £55 Dane Hill Farm. Rough £60.50 Millriggs.

Cast Ewes: Tex £137 Cantsfield Hall, £105, £91, £82 Moss End Farm, £76 Park House Farm. BFL £99, £78 Hazel Head Farm. Bel £95 Wood Broughton Barn. Suff £94 Mouse Syke, £88 Kellet Bridge Farm, £81, £80 Crabtree Farm. Mule £93 Crabtree Farm, £83 Deansbiggin, £79 Hill Top Farm, £77 Moss End Farm, Lane Ends Farm. Char £90 Warth Sutton Farm. Cont £82 Kellet Bridge Farm. Dors £80, £61 Warth Sutton Farm, £56 Brow Head. Chev £73 Hill Top Farm. Zwart £74 Woodside. Rough £72 Borrow Bridge House, £62 Moss End Farm, £59 Borrow Bridge House. Tees £66 Killington Drive. Dales £65 Fell End Farm. Swale £59 Catshaw Hall Farm, £57, £43 Holme House Farm, £42 Well Foot.
Cast Rams: Tex £121 Catshaw Hall Farm. Suff £97 Lane Ends Farm. BFL £97 Catshaw Hall Farm, £61 Skelwith Fold Farm. Swale £55, £47 Well Foot. Bel £51 Woodside.

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