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Thursday 16th February 2017 - Anniversary Show & Sale of Calve & Store Cattle

Posted Thursday, 16 February 2017, 9.53am

Caption: Champion Calf

Caption: Champion Store Bullock


The Anniversary Show and Sale of calves at J36 was kindly judged by Dennis Thwaite of Kirkby Stephen. The pre-sale show saw the Champion rosette awarded to HJ Robinson and Son of Elm Tree Farm with a 27 day old, very stylish, British Blue bull that later went on to sell for £405 to regular buyer Ian Ellis of New Hutton. The Reserve Champion was awarded to JW & D Robinson of Hollins Farm with a 39 day old British Blue bull selling to £390.

Strong beef calves were in good demand and good to sell with British Blue bulls from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall selling to £395. British Blue heifers sold to a top of £375 from B Mallinson & Son of Ravens Lodge. Younger and smaller beef calves were slightly harder to place this week with Limousin heifers at 14 days old topping at £265 from B & MJ Nelson of Heversham. A very mixed entry of Black and White calves forward sold to £160 and £140 from CG Birkett of Nether Kellet.

A larger entry of stirks in the market today saw British Blue heifers sell to £750 from JR Handley of College Green. A consignment of Hereford bullocks and heifers from E & SM Halpin of Barrow in Furness sold to a strong trade with bullocks selling to a top of £570 and heifers to £525. Black and white bullocks sold to £285 from JR Handley of College Green.

Show Results


Mr D Thwaite

Class one: Best Beef Bull Calf

1st Lot 857 HJ Robinson & Son, Elm Tree Farm
2nd Lot 844 JW & D Robinson & Sons,
3rd Lot 843 EA & E Lund

Class two: Best Beef Heifer Calf

1st Lot 831 JJ & MA Park & Son
2nd Lot 832 JJ & MA Park & Son
3rd Lot 838 R Morris-Eyton & Son, Beckside

Class three: Best Black & White Calf

1st EA & E Lund

Lot 857 HJ Robinson & Son

Reserve Champion
Lot 844 JW & D Robinson & Sons

OTM Cattle

A good entry of just short of 50 Cast Cows were forward selling to a continuing strong trade with an overall market average of 114p/kg. The trade topped at 157.5p/kg for Limousin cows from NA & J Temple of Ulpha with plenty of fit beef cows selling in excess of 140p/kg. Cast cows sold to a top gross of £1,113 from P & SA Edmondson of Stainton with Limousin cattle.

Black and white cows sold to a top of 117.5p/kg or £961 from W Garnett & Son of Ackenthwaite Farm. Geld black and white heifers continue to be in strong demand selling to 149.5p/kg and 145.5p/kg or £988 from JM Barton & Son of Lupton.

Store Cattle

A catalogued entry of 263 Store Cattle for the Anniversary Show and Sale, sold to a strong trade throughout the day with a busy ring of buyers who were looking to purchase all types of cattle. The pre-sale show was judged by Carole Benson of Gamswell where a strong line up of bullocks and heifers forward saw the champion rosette awared to lot 280 a 9 month old Limousin Bullock from D Hatton, Knott End, Broughton-in-Furness selling for £980.

The store trade topped at £1,210 for Limousin bullocks sold by GH Jones of Fold Farm, Far Sawrey with plenty of strong bullocks selling in the region of between £1,100 and £1,200. Heifers sold to a top of £1,130 for a Limousin Heifer from TA Chapman of Heslington. Yearling Limousin bullocks sold to a top of £1,180 from D Nicholson of Birch Bank. The trade was strong with many vendors selling on a par with their trade at the previous month’s sale.

Please note there is no sale on Thursday 2nd March. The next sale of store cattle will be held on Thursday 16th March to include a Special Show for Suckler Bred Cattle under the age of 12 months. Entries close on Wednesday 8th March.

Show Results

Mrs C Benson

Class one: Best Store Bullock
1st Lot 280 D Hatton, Knott End
2nd Lot 58 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow Farm
3rd Lot 273 TA Chapman & Son, Lane Head Farm

Class two: Best Store Heifer 
1st Lot 63 D Nicholson, Birch Bank 
2nd Lot 220 B & HM Wilson, Ashstead
3rd Lot 273, TA Chapman & Son, Lane Head Farm 

Lot 280 D Hatton, Knott End

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £405 Elm Tree Farm, £395 Flodder Hall, £390 Hollins Farm, £245, £240 Beckside. Ang £345 High Barnes. Lim £225, £185 Halforth Farm. FKV £205 Hawkrigg Farm. Here £195 Mount Pleasant. Fri £160, £140 Netherbeck Barn, £120 Pump House Farm, £100, £90 Rakesmoor Farm. Sho £130.
Heifer Calf: Brb £375 Ravens Lodge, £340 Whitestone Farm, £320 Ravens Lodge, £305, £260 High Barnes. Lim £265 Halforth. Blo £260, £135 Low Sizergh Farm. Here £150 Mount Pleasant. Ang £145 High Barnes.
Bull Stirk: Here £570, £460, £440 Rakesmoor Farm. Fri £285 College Green.
Heifer Stirk: Brb £750, £490 College Green. Here £525, £420 Rakesmoor Farm.

OTM Cow: Lim 157.5 Black Hall Farm, 154.5, 147.5 Low Barrows Green, 144.5 Ridding Side Farm. Stab 141.5 Kit Cragg. Char 139.5 Low Barrows Green, 111.5 Woodvale Farm. BB 134.5 Low Barrows Green. Brb 127.5 The Coach House. FKV 124.5 Hawkrigg Farm. Blo 121.5 Woodvale Farm. Fri 117.5 Ackenthwaite Farm, 114.5 Halforth, Lupton Hall, Ackenthwaite, Cinderbarrow, 111.5 Lupton Hall, 104.5 Far Audlands, 99.5 Beckside. Ayr 114.5 Sunny Bank. Nor 114.5 Hawkrigg Farm. Here 114.5 Cooper House. Mon 111.5 Bradley Farm, 91.5 Green Lane End Farm. Sho 109.5, 104.5 The Thrang. Ang 104.5 The Thrang.
OTM Heifer: Fri 149.5, 145.5 Lupton Hall.

Store Bullock: Lim £1210 Fold Farm, £1190 Lowgill Farm, £1180 High Underbrow Farm, Birch Bank, £1160 Fold Farm. Char £1150 Mountain View, £1080 High Wray Farm, £1040 Low Longmire, £1000, £980 High Wray Farm. Brb £1120 Carlingwha, £1100 High Underbrow, £1080 Moors Farm, £1010 Knott End. Ang £1110 Cracalt Farm, £840, £770 Low Stennerley. Mon £980, £960, £940 Green Lane End Farm. FKV £960 Green Lane End Farm, £940 Carlingwha, £910, £880 Green Lane End Farm. Sim £960, £930 Speelbank Farm, £800 Bank House Farm, £770 Low Garths Farm, £760 Bank House Farm. Here £940 Moors Farm, £890 West Plain Farm, £880 Tock How Farm, £800 West Plain Farm, £760 Cooper House. Sho £890 Ashstead. Con £870, £850 Hoses Farm, £800 Bowston Hall, £780 Hoses Farm, £660 Whinney Garth. Blo £850, £810 Granby.
Store Heifer: Lim £1130, £1110 Lane Head Farm, £1060 North Lodge, Lowgill Farm, £1040 Carlingwha. Ang £1080, £930 North Lodge. Char £1020, £1010, £950 Mountain View, £860 High Wray Farm. Brb £1000 High Underbrow Farm. Blo £920 Granby, £860 Mountain View. Here £800 West Plain Farm. Con £750 Bowston Hall.
Store Bull: Lim £890, £830 Low Newton Farm. Brb £850 Low Newton Farm. Sim £660 Speelbank Farm. Here £640, £570, £510 Natland Mill Beck Farm.

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