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Lancaster Monday 20th February 2017

Posted Monday, 20 February 2017, 1.53pm

Prime Hoggs

There was a smaller show of Prime Hoggs forward this morning at Lancaster with just 233 forward. Due to the shortage in numbers the trade was sharper on last week with an overall average of 165p/kg.

Topping this morning’s trade was a pair of Charollais Hoggs weighing 55kg realising £85, from GA Haston and Son, Lane House. A single Beltex x Hogg saw a top of 192p/kg which weighed 37kg from LA Bradshaw, Moss House Farm with good Texel Hoggs selling £30-£33 above their weight. Horned Hoggs also sold well this morning with 22 Scottish Blackface Hoggs weighing 39kg sold to £66 from WM Pye, Tarnwater Farm with good meaty Swaledale Hoggs selling to a similar trade.

More Hoggs could have easily of been sold, with a keen ring of buyers.

Cast Sheep

A small show of 34 Cast Ewes forward today which saw RD Lambert, Jacksons Farm top the trade for a good pair of Charollais ewes sell to £89 with Cast rams selling to a top of £71 for a Jacob from A&J Smith, Cross Farm.

All classes of ewes sold well and to a strong ringside of buyers with an overall average of £62, more cast ewes could easily been sold to supply our customer demands.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £82 Throstle Grove Farm. MULE: £73.52 Low Kit Brow, £68.50 Bibbys Farm, £64 Low Moor Head Farm, £61.50 West Lynn. SWAL: £64 West Lynn, £63.50 Sykes Farm, £59.50 Moss House Farm. HRN: £66 Tarnwater Farm. CHAR: £85 Lane House, £78 Park Farm Barn, £78 Lane House, £69 West Lynn. TEX: £84 Throstle Grove Farm, £80 Humblescough Farm, £79.50 Gibsons Farm, £79 Humblescough Farm. JAC: £57 Cross Farm, £43 Cross Farm, £37 Cross Farm.

Cast Ewes: DORS: £66 Corney Hill, £36 Corney Hill. SUFF: £68 Conder Green Farm. MULE: £64 Throstle Grove Farm, £61 Conder Green Farm, £59 Throstle Grove Farm, £59 Tarnwater Farm. TEX: £89 Jacksons Farm, £85 Gibsons Farm, £83 Tarnwater Farm, £82 Conder Green Farm. JAC: £71 Cross Farm, £46 Corney Hill Farm.

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