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Lancaster Friday 17th February 2017

Posted Friday, 17 February 2017, 5.04pm

Store Cattle

There was a smaller entry of store cattle forward this week but sold to the continuing strong trade. Short keep, well fleshed cattle continue to be in strong demand with buyers also looking for beef bred cattle to turn out in the spring. Over 20% of the cattle forward today sold in excess of the £1,200 barrier selling to a top of £1,400 twice, both times being Limousin steers firstly from TR Pricket of Hutton Roof and secondly from DE & SM Moorhouse of Natland. Angus bullocks sold to a top of £1,350 from J Hesketh of Hutton with Angus heifers selling to a top of £1,180 from JH Woof & Son of Underhelm. Black and whites were slightly harder to place this week with a plainer show forward with buyers looking to purchase black and whites carrying flesh.

OTM Cattle

Exactly the same number of OTM and Cast cows forward this week as last with 119 forward. The trade is continuing to be strong with an overall market average of 115p/kg. OTM bullocks sold to a top of 209.5p/kg or £1,334.66 from DW & NM Alderson of High Green with OTM heifers sold to a top of 201.5p/kg from SA Hill of Beaumount Grange. Cast cows sold to a top of 181.5p/kg or £1,214 for Limousin cows from F & ML Lee & Son of Bentham. Black and white cows topped at 164.5p/kg for a young cow from DJA & L Sutcliffe of Throstle Nest with black and whites grossing at £958 from P & EM Mason of Kirkby Lonsdale. Black and whites averaged 102p/kg.

Calves and Stirks

A smaller entry of calves today selling to another strong trade with all calves keenly bid for. Strong beef calves once again the easiest to sell and short in supply. British Blue bulls sold to a top of £380 and £375 from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel. British blue bull calves just over a month old sold to a top of £360 from Philip Halhead of Norbreck Farm. Native bred cattle are always good to sell at Lancaster with Angus bulls selling to £355 with heifer calves selling to £320 and £300 from Wallbank Farms from Abbeystead.

Only a couple of stirks forward this week due to the large monthly sale being held next Friday. They sold to a top of £435 from A Coates of Caldervale.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK – LIM: £1400 High House Farm; £1400 Hutton Roof Hall; £1380 Millbeck. AA: £1350 Middle Grange Farm; £1290 Windy Hill Farm; £1280 Morecambe Road. MON: £1270 Rowell Farm; £1150 Cock Hall Farm; £1050 Kendal Hill. BRB: £1250 Staffords Farm; £1240 Fell End Farm; £1200 Cock Hall Farm. HE: £1190 Raw Head; £1130 Morecambe Road; £1100 Chestnut House Farm. CH: £1160 Brown Edge. FR: £1000 Snapewood Farm; £950 Ravald Farm; £940 Abbotsons Farm. SHO: £830 Snapewood Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1220 Daniel Fold Farm; £1210 High House Farm; £1170 Park House. AA: £1180 Underhelm Farm; £1150 Croppers Farm; £1120 Isle of Skye Farm; £1100 Sykes Farm. CH: £1120 Brown Edge; £1100 Brunstow; £1070 Bouthwaite Farm. BRB: £1080 Staffords Farm; £1070 Bouthwaite Farm; £1040 Middleton Hall. STAB: £1040 Park House Farm.

CAST COWS – LIM: 181.5 Oak Head Bank; 179.5 Hill Park; 129.5 Intack Farm. FR: 164.5 Throstle Nest Farm; 124.5 Spital Farm; 124.5 Midge Hall Farm. SRW: 137.5 Throstle Nest Farm. SIM: 129.5 Throstle Nest Farm. STAB: 129.5 Park House Farm. FKV: 124.5 Norbreck Farm. HE: 124.5 Moss House Farm. MON: 121.5 White Lund Farm; 117.5 Lane House; 111.5 Greenways Farm. BB: 119.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. CH: 111.5 Nether House Farm.
CAST HEIFER – BLON: 201.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. FR: 157.5 Blackwood End; 154.5 Bambers Farm; 154.5 New Brows Farm.
CAST STEER – AA: 209.5 High Green. BRB: 199.5 High Green; 189.5 Intack Farm. HE: 189.5 High Green. FR: 149.5 Higher Knowehill; 149.5 Ivy Farm.
CAST BULL – SIM: 119.5 Sellerley Farm.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £320 Tills Farm; £230 Wyre Farm; £205 Gibsons Farm. BRB: £170 Norbreck Farm; £158 The High Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £380 Walkers I’th Fields; £360 Norbreck Farm. AA: £355 Tills Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £435 Stirk Hey Farm.

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