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J36 Tuesday 7th February 2017

Posted Wednesday, 08 February 2017, 10.35am

Prime Hoggs

The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs saw an entry of 999 forward, selling to a strong trade throughout the sale with a market average of 170p/kg with hoggs weighing between 39kg and 45kg selling to an average of 172p/kg.

There was a good trade for export type hoggs which saw hoggs sell to a top of 233p/kg or £93.50 for 40kgs with plenty of good quality Beltex hoggs selling over 200p/kg. The trade topped at £105.50 and £104 from ME Wannop and Son of Heaton Hall with Heavy weight Beltex hoggs. Texel hoggs sold to a top of £99 from TS & SM Park of Millom Castle.
Heavy weight Mules sold to a top of £78 from NJ Strickland of The Borrans. Horned lambs were good too sell with both light weight and standard weight hoggs eagerly bid for topping at £70 for Rough Fells from TLB & J Knowles of Borrow Bridge and Swaledales sold to £68 from R Dixon of Well Foot.

Cast Sheep

A larger entry of 444 Cast Sheep sold to a dearer trade with more interest from buyers as they all look to purchase sheep.

The trade topped at £121 for a Texel tup from AW Crowe of Witherslack with Cast Texel ewes selling to a top of £117 from JM Sanderson of Lower Highfield with others selling to £110 also from AW Crowe. Plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk ewes selling around the £90 mark. Mule ewes topped at £72 from DM & D Cook of Smithy Green with plenty of stronger Mule ewes regularly selling towards the seventy pound mark.

It’s that time of year where a larger entry of horned ewes are present in the market saw Dalesbred ewes sell to £60 from JA Bennett of Middale Farm with Swaledale ewes selling to £56 from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Farm. Rough fell ewes topped at £58 from all types of cast tups selling well and eagerly bid for with anyone thinking of cashing tups urged to do so.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £105.50, £104 Heaton Hall Farm, £93.50, £78, £77.50 Laithwaite. Tex £99, £94 Millom Castle, £93 Catshaw Hall Farm, £89.50 The Galleon, Hagg Farm. Mule £78 The Borrans, £74 Bank House Farm, Preston Patrick Hall, £73.50 Heaton Hall Farm, £70.50 Yoad Pot. Char £76 Preston Patrick Hall, £76 Bank House Farm, £72 Moss House Farm, £67.50 Heaton Hall Farm, £65.50 Hazel Head Farm. BFL £76 Preston Patrick Hall. Suff £76 Hodgsons Green Farm, £73.50 Brow Head, Hodgsons Green Farm, Somme Avenue, £73 Hill Park. Dors £75 Brow Head. Hamp £72 Brow Head, £63 Lower Highfield. Rough £70 High Borrowbidge, £68.50, £64.50 Low Fold, £61 Moors Farm, £58.50 High Borrowbridge. Chev £68.50 Hutton Roof Hall, £66.50 Brow Head, £58.50 Tarn Foot. Swale £68 Well Foot, £64.50 Low Longmire, £63 Higher Salter, £62.50 Far Orrest, £60.50 High Borrowbridge.

Cast Ewes: Tex £117 Lower Highfield, £110 Ashtree Cottage, £89 Marsh House Farm, £88 Ashtree Cottage, £86 Smithy Green Farm. Suff £84 Woodside, £56 Hodgsons Green Farm, £48 Larkrigg. Char £82 Kingsland. BFL £77 Oak Tree Farm, £75 Woodside, Marsh House Farm, £74 Tongue House Farm, Preston Patrick Hall. Mule £72 Smithy Green Farm, £71 Stanley Farm, £70 Smithy Green Farm, £70 Ashtree Cottage. Mash £70 Woodside. Chev £68 Stanley Farm, £64 School House, £52 Orphan Cragg Barn. Dors £64 Warth Sutton Farm, £56 Hazel Head Farm. Swale £56 Catshaw Hall Farm, £50 Marsh House Farm, £44 Castshaw Hall Farm, £43 The Borrans, £42 Marsh House Farm. Rough £56 High Carlingill, £48 Low Deepslack, £45 High Carlingill. Herd £54 Hodgsons Green Farm.

Cast Rams: Tex £121 Ashtree Cottage, £99 Hill Top Farm, £60 Steel Croft, £59 Millness Hall. BFL £98 Kit Cragg, £84 Preston Patrick Hall, £60 Ashstead, £51 Marsh House Farm. Suff £89 Hodgsons Green Farm. Chev £85 Tarn Foot. Dors £79, £73 Beckside Barn, £68 Marsh House Farm. Char £69 Tarn Foot. Swale £60 Botton Hall Farm, £51 Moors Farm, £49 Yoad Pot, £45 Marsh House Farm. Herd £53 Hazel Head Farm, £50 Tarn Foot. Dales £50 Middale Farm.

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