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J36 Tuesday 21st February 2017

Posted Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 1.33pm

Prime Hoggs

The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs sold to a top price today of £105 was a cracking 48kg Beltexs consigned by Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm, they also had the top price per kilo of 232.1p/kg/£97.50 for a pen of 42kg Beltexs.

Texels peaked at 237.2p/kg/£92.50 for 39kg Hoggs, from Messrs Hodgson, Rydal Farm, and £92.50 for a pen of 11 Texels scaling 44kg from G Harryman, The Galleon. Charollais sold away to £88 from J Cooper, Tarnside and JC Walling & Son, Dawson Fold had a pen of Suffolks at £86.

The hill breed section saw Fishwick Farms sell Cheviots to £83.00 with horned hoggs selling to £79.00 for Blackfaces from S & M Cooper, Tarnside Farm. Mules sold to £76 from Redmayne Bros, Cuerdale Hall Farm and S & M Cooper, Tarnside Farm.

Hoggs sold away to a good sound trade today, with buyers keenly biding on handy weight hoggs. The best bred hoggs with good skins and shape were selling away at 200-220p/kg. Heavier types were slightly up on the week, and small plainer types were stiffer to cash.

974 Hoggs avg. 165.95p/kg.

Cast Sheep

The weekly sale of cast sheep saw a continued strong trade where more sheep could have been sold with only just over three hundred forward. Topping the day’s trade was Alistair and Bradley Thompson of Selside, selling their Texel ewes to a top of £117 with Beltex ewes selling to a top of £102 from J & O Galbraith from Endmoor. Strong continental and Suffolk ewes continue to sell in the region of ninety pound and Mule ewes sold to a top of £73 from M Archer and son of Bolton-le-sands with strong Mules selling around the £70 mark.

A good number of hill ewes in the market today saw Rough Fells sell to £62 from Alistair and Bradley Thompson, with Swaledale ewes selling to £50 from Fishwick Brothers of Longsleddale. Fleshed horned ewes sold to a strong trade and a good tup trade was had throughout.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £105, £97.50 Bank House Farm, £96.50 The Galleon, £94 Bank House Farm. Tex £92.50 Rydal Farm, The Galleon, £92 Springs Farm, £91 The Galleon, £89 Millom Castle. Char £88 Tarnside, £86 Dawson Fold, £84 Tarnside, £83 Tarnside, £82 Brow Head. Suff £86 Dawson Fold, £82 Topthorn Farm, £77.50 Park House Farm, £72 Skelwith Fold, £69.50 Crabtree Farm. Chev £83, £77 Bank House Farm, £72.50, £70.50 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £70 Brow Head. Sco £79, £76 Tarnside, £69 Greenhills Farm. Mule £76 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £76, £74 Tarnside, £74 Cuerdale Hall, £70 Barrowfield. Rye £74 Viewpoint. Herd £72 Rydal Farm, £66 Cockley Beck, £62 Rydal Farm, £53 Cockley Beck. Rough £68 St Annes Farm, £57.50 Bridge Stone, £52, £50 High Borrowbridge. Swale £67 Skelwith Fold, £66.50 Thursgill, £64.50 High Salter, £61 Skelwith Fold, £58.50 Thursgill.

Cast Ewes: Tex £117 Poppy Farm, £89 Low Chapel Fell, £85 Flodder Hall, Causeway Farm, £81 Endmoor Farm. Bel £102 Endmoor Farm, £99 Poppy Farm, £79 Hutton Roof Hall, £55 Endmoor Farm, £45 Poppy Farm. Suff £91 Endmoor Farm, £83 Carlingwha, £59 Brow Head, £45 Barker Knott. Mule £73 Redbank Farm, £71 Hill Park, Endmoor Farm, £70 Low Chapel, £69 Skelwith Fold. BFL £72, £69 Hill Park. Chev £67 High House Farm, £62 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £50 Brow Head, £49, £48 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Rough £62 Poppy Farm, £59, £57 Steps Farm, £54 Low House, £42 Bridge Stone. Sco £60 Flodder Hall. Rye £60, £49, £42 Viewpoint. Herd £59 Bowkerstead, £47 Barker Knott, £45 Bowkerstead. Swale £50 Middle Sadghyll, £45 Skelwith Fold.
Cast Rams: Tex £99, £75, £66, £55 Johnscales Farm. Bel £80 Johnscales, £80, £51 Woodside. Herd £64 Cockley Beck Farm. Chev £64, £58, £55, £50 High Arnside Farm. Char £63 Moss House Farm. Swale £60 Tongue House Farm.

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