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J36 Tuesday 14th February - Anniversary Show & Sale

Posted Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 1.19pm

Caption: 1st Prize Prime Pigs from PK & R Woof, Storth End Farm

Caption: Champion Prime Hoggs from TS & SM Park, Millom Castle


The anniversary show and sale of prime pigs saw a competitive line up of over half a dozen pairs of prime pigs for Judge Mr Frank Robinson of Crooklands to cast his eye over. Some top quality pigs were forward which saw a couple Pietrain x pigs from Peter Woof of Stainton weighing in at 125kg.

Prime pigs sold to a brisk trade with white well shaped pigs most sort after. The trade peaked, twice, at £150, firstly for the champion pair from Peter Woof and then another pair from the same good home. Prime Pigs sold to a top price per kilo of 130p/kg for good quality white pigs from D Nicholson of Cockermouth selling to £130 a head. A very respectable average of 115p/kg for all prime pigs forward was achieved.

The monthly sale of cast, store and weaner pigs were eagerly bid for which saw cast pigs top at £90 from B Jones, Ratlingate Farm. There was more interest in weaners today with white weaners selling between £22 and £30.

Show Results

Mr F Robinson

Pair of Prime Pigs
1st PK & R Woof, Storth End Farm 125kg £150
2nd D Nicholson, Brigham 97kg £95
3rd NJ Wilkinson, Rooscote Farm 82kg £88

Prime Hoggs

North West Auction's held the Anniversary Show and Sale of Prime Hoggs on Tuesday 14th Februray which saw 20 Pens forward for judging, pairs of Butchers Hoggs and Pens of five Hill Bred Hoggs, which were capably judged by Mr S Airey, Snowdrop Villa with the show kindly sponsored by Green Coat Farm.

The Champion Rosette was awarded to a super pair of 44kg Texels from regular vendor Messrs TS & SM Park of Millom Castle, which realised £91 and was bought by Mr Micheal Lomax on behalf of Higginsons Butchers. The Reserve Champion rosette went to a shapely pair of 49kg Texel X Hoggs consigned by Thomas Fishwick from Fishwick Farms which sold for £110 and again were purchased by Mr Micheal Lomax, on behalf of Higginsons Butcher.

The Hill Bred section was also won by Thomas Fishwick, Fishwick Farms for his pen of five smart Cheviots weighing 48kg and realised £87. Second prize winners were consigned by Amy Harrison, Millriggs, for her well-bred Rough Fells, scaling 44kgs and realising £69.50.

Other top prices for butchers pairs -
A G Butler, Park Farm Barn 46kg Tex X Bel - £102
M G & H M Capstick, Park House Farm 60kg - Texel - £98
A E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm 45kg - Tex X Bel - £97
B J Bowness, 28 Blea Tarn Road 40kg - Tex X Bel - £94
G Hargreaves, Ivy Bank Farm 48kg - Texels - £94
M G & H M Capstick, Park House Farm 51kg - Texels £94

Pens of five hill breed -
Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans - 45kg - Mules - £75.50
Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans - 41kg - Herdwicks - £73
Amy Harrison, Millriggs - 41kg - Herdwicks - £70

Show Results

Mr S Airey

Class one: Pair of Butchers Hoggs
1st TS & SM Park, Millom Castle 44kg £91
2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House 49kg £110
3rd G Hargreaves, Ivy Bank 48kg £94

Class two: Pen of 5 Hill Bred Hoggs
1st Fishwick Farm, Bank House 48kg £87
2nd AEA Harrison, Millriggs 44kg £69.50
3rd AEA Harrison, Millriggs 41kg £70

TS & SM Park, Millom Castle

Reserve Champion
Fishwick Farms, Bank House

Out with the show, Fishwick Farms topped the sale at £95/221p/kg for a cracking Texel X weighing 43kg. JG Harryman, The Galleon had a good run of hoggs with his top pen realising £92.50/215p/kg for 43kg Texels. A trio of Beltex Hoggs peaked at £87 or 212p/kg for a trio scaling 41kg, consigned by AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm.

Leading the Suffolk trade was F & SA Edmundson, Netherhouses and MG & HM Capstick, Park House Farm with both pens selling to £85. DE & DR Ewart & Son, Nunfield saw their five Charollais sell to £80 and £78 for their pen of Cheviots. ME Wannop & Sons Ltd, Heaton Hall Farm, topped the Mule trade at £76 and then £74. Masham Hoggs sold to £74 for a pen of four from JE Read, Mealrigg with Swaledales from Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans selling to £73.50, and AJ & CM Harrison of Boundary Beck sold Rough Fells to £72.

There was a very mixed show of Hoggs forward today with wide and varied weight ranges. Nice meaty, well-bred types maintained recent rates, with the heavier and plainer Hoggs stiffer to cash.

1117 Prime Hoggs averaged 164.36p/kg, with an SQQ of 167.32p/kg.

Due to technical problems we had at the beginning of the sale we would like to thank all staff, buyers and vendors for all their patience and help yesterday after having to move to a different ring, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Cast Sheep

There was a similar entry of 400 cast sheep forward this week which sold to a continued strong trade. The cast rams also continued to sell to a solid trade topping at £111 for a Texel ram from J & J Postlethwaite, Bramaskew with Leicester rams selling to £103 from Fishwick Bros of Middle Sadghyll.

Strong continental ewes topped at £98 from E Dodgson of Spital Farm with other strong continental and Suffolk ewes selling around the ninety pound mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £75 and £71 from J, BL & I Ellis of Hawkigg with strong Mule ewes selling in the mid to late sixties.

Horned ewes sold to a strong demand with rough fell ewes topping at £63 from JE Read of Mealrigg with stronger fitter Rough Fell ewes selling into the fifties. Swaledale ewes topped at £58 from Fishwick Bros of Middle Sadghyll with plenty of Swaledale ewes selling in the forties.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £110 Bank House Farm, £102 Park Farm Barn, £98 Park House Farm, £97 Stubb Farm. Chev £87 Bank House Farm, £78 Nunfield Farm, £72 Park Farm Barn, £67.50 Brow Head, £65 Hutton Roof Hall. Bel £87 Stubb Farm, £70 Hutton Roof Hall. Suff £85 Netherhouses, Park House Farm, £80 Underley Estate, Netherhouses, £79.50 High House Farm. Char £80 Nunfield, £71.50 Charley Crag Farmhouse, £71 Low Mill House, £70 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £69 Charley Crag. Mule £76 Heaton Hall, £75.50 High Borrans, Bank House Farm, Red Scar, £75 Nunfield. Mash £75 Mealrigg. Swale £73.50 High Borrans, £70 Netherhouses, Bramaskew, £68 Bramaskew, £61 Low Hall Farm. Herd £73 High Borrans, £70, £60 Millrigg, £53.50 High Biggarsbank. Rough £72 Boundary Beck, £71.50 Mealrigg, £71 Seedhowe Cottages, £69.50 High Borrowbridge. Cont £72, £69, £68.50 Garnett Folds, £63.50 Crabtree Farm, £58 Skiddaw Farm.

Cast Ewes: Tex 98 Spital Farm, £92 Morrland Cottage, £90 Hallbeck, £86 Spital Farm, £83 The Barn. Chev £84 The Courtyard, £75 Todds Farm, £69 Seedhowe Cottages, £68 The Courtyard, £58 Moorland Cottage. Suff £84 The Courtyard, £70 Garnett Folds, £65 Moorland Cottage, £61 Tock Howe Farm. Bel £79 Stubb Farm, £78 Blea Tarn Road, Todds Farm, £73 Moorland Cottage. Mule £75, £71 Hawkrigg End, £67 Garnett Folds, £66 Nether House Farm, The Barn. Mash £68 Mealrigg. Rough £63 Mealrigg, £59 Croft Foot Farm, £51 Archers Hall, £50 Croft Foot Farm, £49 Mealrigg. Llyren £61 Cragg Farm. Swale £58 Middle Sadghyll, £48 Archers Hill, £46 Nether House Farm, £40 Archers Hall, Middle Sadghyll.

Cast Rams: Tex £111 Bramaskew, £92 The Barn, £53 Hartsop. BFL £103 Middle Sadghyll, Bramaskew, £90 Seedhowe Cottages, £82 Middle Sadghyll. Suff £99 The Barn, £78 Nether House Farm. Llyen £70 Cragg Farm. Chev £68 Seedhowe Cottages. Rough £53 High Swinklebank Farm.

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