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J36 Thursday 9th February 2017

Posted Thursday, 09 February 2017, 5.32pm


The weekly sale of calves had an entry mainly consisting of Black and Whites and were eagerly bid for, selling to a strong trade. Black and whites sold to a top of £120 from RA & E Edmondson of High Barnes with calves from the same home too £105. Just a couple of British Blue bulls forward today sold to £235 from ML & SM Dobson of Espford Farm. A large number of calves are promised for next week’s anniversary show. There are show classes for Beef Bull and Heifer and Black and White Bull.

Breeding Sheep

The monthly sale of in lamb breeding sheep and gimmer hoggs had a strong entry of sheep forward selling to a brisk trade. The trade topped at £132 for two crop mule ewes scanned with twins from F Carr of Nissan Huts. The flock reduction on behalf of Ben Holland of Tatham saw 2 and 3 crop mule ewes sell to £128. A consignment of Swaledale three and four crop ewes scanned in lamb to the Leicester sold to a top of £122, with plenty of Swaledale ewes in-lamb selling around the £100 mark. Mule gimmer hoggs sold to £80 from F Carr of Nissan Huts.

Store Hoggs

As the end of the store hogg season draws ever closer a smaller number of hoggs were forward with over 250 selling to a strong trade with a good number of buyers present looking to purchase. The trade topped at £66.50 for strong Texel hoggs from DR & C Galbraith of Sunny Bank with other stronger short keep hoggs selling in excess of £60. Medium keep continental bred hoggs continue to sell in the mid-fifties. Hill hoggs saw Swaledale hoggs sell to £42.50 from JA & CA Gibson of Longwell with Herdwicks selling to £38.50 from C Raven of Staveley.
Next sale of store hoggs will be on Thursday 23rd February.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: BB £235, £210 Espford Farm. Fri £120, £105, £90 High Barnes, £78 Espford, £70 Low Brundrigg.

Store Hoggs: Tex £66.50 Sunny Bank,£64 Marsh Grange Farm, £59 Singleton Park, £58 Yealand Conyers, £57 Blea Tarn Road. Mule £64 Low Brundrigg, £52 Croziers Croft, £48 Longwell, £42 Marsh Grange Farm. Suff £53 Low Woodedge Farm, £51.50 Low Brundrigg, £50 West Plain Farm, £45.50 Tarnside Farm. Char £53, £47 West Plain Farm, £46.50 Croziers Croft. Bel £50.50 Blea Tarn Road, £49.50 Low Brundrigg.

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