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J36 Tuesday 28th November 2017

Posted Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 3.31pm

Prime Lambs
The weekly sale of prime lambs had a similar entry of 1,300 forward today, selling to a much-improved trade then the previous week. An overall market average of 174p/kg was achieved with 39-45kg lambs in strong demand, averaging 178p/kg.

Once again there was plenty of demand for Beltex lambs selling to a top of £101.50 from WJ & L Barker of Brown edge who also other to 235p/kg. Philip and Heather Onions of Keer Falls also sold Beltex lambs to £101 or 234p/kg. George Harryman of The Galleon with his consignment of Beltex lambs topped at £100 and averaged well into the nineties, all Beltex lambs forward selling to a market average of 215p/kg. Heavy weight lambs continue to be eagerly bid for at J36 topping at £94.50 for Suffolk’s and £94 for Charollais’ from Lewis McCarrick of Chorley, well fleshed heavy lambs regularly selling towards the late eighties. Standard weight lambs noticeably dearer this week with all buyers definitely keener on this specification of lambs. Less Mules in the market today topping at £75 from BD Gill of Yarlsber with 42kg Dalesbred’s from the same home selling to £71.50. Swaledale’s selling to £66 for 41kg lambs from JF & AW Sutton of Nether Houses.

Cast Sheep
There was a smaller entry of cast sheep selling to an improved trade this week. Once again big continental ewes and tups sold in excess of the £100-mark topping at £121 for Texel tups from RH & A Walling of Strickland Tenement.

Texel ewes sold to £109 from RG Blackburn of Chapel House and £108 from E Dodgson of Spital Farm. Best Mule ewes sold to a top of £77 from DM & D Cook of Smithy Green with big powerful Mule ewes often selling in the seventies. There was more trade for horned ewes with best Swaledale ewes selling to £55 from JF & AW Sutton of Nether Houses with well fleshed horned ewes often getting into the forties. Leaner ewes also sold to a sharper trade.

Prime Pigs
There was a good entry of over thirty prime pigs forward for the sale today with majority in the market being boars, purchasers are requesting that vendors castrate their pigs to meet demand. The trade topped at £128 from R & J Andrews of Ayrshire with 118kg gilts and hogs. Good confirmation pigs sold in excess of 130p/kg topping at 132p/kg from TW Burne of Street House. Handy weight 78kg gilts and hogs from James Cookson of Gilthwaiterigg sold to a £102. 

Prime Lambs: Beltex - £101.5 Brown Edge, £101 Keer Falls, £100 The Galleon, £99 Steel Croft, £96.5 The Galleon. Suffolk - £94.5 17 Longfield Manor, £91.5, £89 Smithy Green Farm, £82 17 Longfield Manor. Charollais - £94 17 Longfield Manor, £78.5 Gibraltar Farm, £68.5 Hall Bank, £66 Spital Farm, £65 Windmill Cottage. Hampshire - £90.5 The Borrans. Texel - £89 Cautley Farm, £89 Red Scar, £88.5 The Borrans, £88.5 Gibraltar Farm, £87 Hutton Roof Hall. Continental - £84 Spital Farm, £78.5 Low Gregg Hall, £71.5 Spital Farm, 369 Windmill Cottage. Cheviot - £77.5 Hartrigg, £74.5 High House Farm, £70 Hartrigg, £70 Howriggs, £66.5 Hartrigg. Rough Fell - £75.5, £60 Low Fold, £50 Heron Syke, £40 Low Fold, £40 Heron Syke. Mule - £75 Yarlsber, £73.5 Middale Farm, £72 Low Hall Farm, £71.5 Flat 3, £70 Cracalt Farm. Masham - £72 Keer Falls, £70 Middale Farm. Dalesbred – 371.5 Yarlsber, £65 Fell End Farm. Swaledale - £66 Nether House Farm, £55 High Greenside. Herdwick - £62, £55 Cinder Barrow.

Cast Sheep: TEXEL: £109 Chapel House; £108 Spital Farm; £101 Storth End Farm., SUFFOLK: £97 Harbarrow Farm; £89 Smithy Green Farm; £81 Mansrigg Hall. MULE: £77 Smithy Green Farm; £76 Storth End Farm; £75 Hill Top Farm. CHEVIOT: £49 High House Farm; £47 Mansrigg Hall. SWALEDALE: £69 Nether House Farm. LEICESTER: £67 Harbarrow Farm. DORSET: £60 Marsh House Farm. MASHAM: £54 Cautley Farm. ROUGH FELL: £50 Low Fold. KERRY HILL: £44 North Lodge.
Cast Ram: TEXEL: £121 Strickland Tenement; £101 Harbarrow Farm; £100 Bowkerstead Farm. DALESBRED: £72 Fell End Farm. CHEVIOT: £63 Keer Falls. GRITSTONE: £61 Higher Salter. LLEYN: £60 Causeway Farm.

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