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J36 Thursday 5th October 2017

Posted Thursday, 05 October 2017, 6.03pm

Gimmer Lambs

The second sale of Gimmer Lambs at J36 had an entry of 1175 forward, but a tricky trade was endured today. The wet autumn and a shortage of confidence in the shearling trade, saw the smaller, planer types harder to place. Stronger, stylish lambs were still in good demand and easy to sell. The day’s trade topped at £96 for Mule Gimmer Lambs from Messrs Hodgson of High Borrans Farm, Windermere.

Continentals sold to a top of £88 by TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid for Texel Gimmer Lambs, with strong, good types of Continental Gimmer Lambs good to sell and smaller types sold to a more realistic trade and in line with the store lamb trade.

Store Lambs

The fortnightly sale of Store Lambs had the largest entry to date this season, with over 2560 going under the gavel. Large, strong lambs sold to £72 for Texels from MJ Waller, Carlingwha, £70.50 for Texels from DC & C Galbriath, Sunny Bank. Suffolks sold twice to £69, firstly from MJ Waller and secondly from LA & M Lambert, Brow Head. Strong short keep lambs, with flesh, sold in excess of the £60 easily. Medium to long term, better bred lambs easily selling in the late fifties. Hill bred lambs sold to a top of £62.50 Cheviot X Lambs from Low More Howe, High House Farm. There was a large entry of Mule lambs in the market today selling to a top of £60 from Forest Hall Farm Partnership. Messrs Hodgson, High Borans a pen of 100 Mule lambs to £55 a head.

Top Prices

Gimmer Lambs: Mule £96 High Borrans Farm, £85 Arklid, Calderside Farm, £81 Botton Hall, £80 High Borrans Farm. Texel £88 Arklid, £75, £72 Daub Hall Farm, £70 Low Hall Farm, Low Hundhowe. Cheviot £80 Low Tarn Greenm £74 Brow Head. Rough Fell Mule £68 Dodgson House Farm, Millriggs, £67 White House. Masham £56 Steps Farm. Suffolk £55.50, £53 Borwick Lodge Farm.

Store Lambs: Texel £72 Carlingwha, £70.50 Sunny Bank, £70 Carlingwha, £68.50 Hawkshead Hall Farm, £68 Audlands Park. Suffolk £69 Carlingwha, Brow Head, £67 Gowan Bank farm, £62.50 Kitchen Ground, £62 Overmere. Cheviot £62.50, £56.50 High House Farm, £56.50 High Borrowbridge, £56 Brow Head, £45 Forest Hall. Mule £60 Forest Hall, £56.50 Hollin Hill, £55 High Borrans Farm, High Borrowbridge, £54 Hollin Hill. Masham £48 Borrans Farm, £47.50 Steps Farm, £46 Cresent Green, £43 High Bridgestones. Zwartble £45 Applegarth. Kerry Hill £45 Stoney Gill. Rough Fell £41.50 Howes Lodge, £40.50 Applegarth.

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