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Lancaster Monday 30th January 2017

Posted Monday, 30 January 2017, 10.44am

Prime Hoggs

There was a smaller entry of prime hoggs forward this week but selling to a dearer trade, with all buyers certainly keener to buy all specifications of hoggs. An overall market average of just over 160p/kg saw all vendors leaving pleased with their trade.

The trade topped twice at £88 with Texel from H Chapman and Son of Millbeck with hoggs from Fred and Mary Woodhouse of Fell End selling to the same price. Plenty of pens of Continental hoggs mid forty kilos in weight, selling in the mid to late seventies. Mule hoggs sold to a top of £71 from Fred and Mary Woodhouse of Fell End with Mule hoggs selling a few pounds dearer then previous week.

A few more horned lambs in the market today saw Swaledale hoggs sell to a top of £66.50 from KM & KJ Curwen of Marshaw Farm.

More hoggs required week on week to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

Cast Sheep

A smaller entry of cast sheep forward this week sold to a continued strong trade at Lancaster. Continental ewes sold in excess of £80 topping at £83 twice from Bargh Contractors and J Lamb of Old Glasson. Mule ewes sold in the sixties regularly topping at £68 from A & FM Bolland & Sons of Yeat House.

Top Prices 

PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £88 Millbeck; £80 Gibsons Farm; £79 Old Woodhouse; £78.50 Park Farm Barn. CHAR: £79 Walmsley Fold; £68 Corney Hill Farm. SUFF: £73 Park Farm Barn. MULE: £71 Fell End Farm; £69.50 Burnt House; £63 High House Farm. MASH: £68 Fell End Farm. SWALE: £66.50 Marshaw Farm; £56.50 Sykes Farm. HORNED: £63.50 Fell End Farm. RGH: £63 Millbeck.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £83 Old Woodhouse; £83 Old Glasson; £76 Old Glasson. MULE: £68 Yeat House; £64 Old Glasson; £60 Longlands Road. DORS: £58 Corney Hill. SWALE: £23 Highfield Farm.

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