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Lancaster Monday 23rd January 2017

Posted Monday, 23 January 2017, 5.02pm

Prime Hoggs

An entry of over 400 prime Hoggs at Lancaster sold to a market average of 155p/kg. Prime hoggs sold to a top of £86 from GR & RA Surtees of Rowallen House. Commercial Continental and Texel Hoggs were selling in the region of thirty pound above their weight. Heavy Hoggs were harder to place with many buyers having difficulties selling the larger heavy Hoggs. Light handy weight Hoggs around the 36kg mark were eagerly bid for and were in the strongest demand with a shortage of this type of Hogg available on the market.

Cast Sheep

A sharp cast ewe trade was enjoyed with buyers keen to purchase sheep, a different story to the prime hoggs. All classes of ewes selling a few pounds up than seen over previous weeks. The trade topped at £95 for cast continental tups from J Lamb of Old Glasson.

PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £86 Rowallen House ; £76.50 Fell End Farm; £76.50 Walmsley Fold; £74.50 Park Farm Barn. CH: £76.50 Park Farm Barn; £65 Burnt House. SUFF: £74 Fell End Farm; £73 Lentworth Farm; £67 Fell End Farm. DORS: £71 Fell End Farm. MULE: £69.50 Fell End Farm; £66 Ouzelthorn Farm; £64 Highfield Farm. HORNED: £66.50 Rye Close; £63.50 Tarnwater Farm. MASH: £65.50 Fell End Farm. BEL: £66 Burnt House. SWALE: £61.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £56 Highfield Farm. CONT: £60 Rye Close. HAMP: £51 Rye Close.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £79 Conder Green Farm; £78 Old Glasson; £77 Tarnwater Farm. SUFF: £75 Tarnwater Farm. MULE: £62 Tarnwater Farm; £58 Conder Green Farm; £57 Annasghyl. SWALE: £43 Highfield Farm; £37 Yates Farm. SCO: £35 Tarnwater Farm.
CAST RAMS – TEX: £95 Old Glasson; £86 Low Pleasant; £57 Tarnwater Farm. 

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