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Lancaster Friday 20th January 2017

Posted Friday, 20 January 2017, 4.10pm

Calves & Stirks

The weekly sale of Calves had an entry of 43 forward which saw a top price of the day of £365, for a cracking British Blue Heifer which was consigned by MJ Fell Ltd, Chapel House and their bull realised £330. RT Halhead, Norbreck Farm had the top price for bulls with a superb British Blue which sold for £360. Montbeliarde bull calves were selling to £320 and £305 from JK and BJ Birkett and Son ltd, White Lund Farm.
Native bull calves sold to £300 for an Aberdeen Angus which was consigned by H & VE Jolly, Great Eccleston Hall, with their Aberdeen Angus Heifer peaking at £170.

Topping the Black and White market was £86 for a bull from the Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Hall Farm, followed by £74 and £60 with the black and white trade continuing at recent rates.

We had a good ringside of buyers today for the continental calves with bidders keen to buy quality animals.

There was 16 Stirks forward for the sale today topping the trade was PS & H Eckersley, High Budurst Farm, for an Aberdeen Angus Bullock which sold for £500 with their British Blue Bullocks peaking at £485 and their pair of British Blue Heifers sold to £445. Friesian Bull Stirks sold for £130 from WA Ward & Son, Anciffe Hall Farm and £105 and £95 respectively.

Cast Cows

A fantastic entry of 154 Cast Cattle forward this week sold to the same good trade seen for the last few weeks. Topping the trade today was a 690kg Friesian Cow selling to £1135 from J & G Thornley, Derby Lodge Farm. The top price per kilo went to an Aberdeen Angus Cow for 164.5p/kg from Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, Mount Murray. Heifers sold to a top of 154.5p/kg this was a Friesian from GB & EA Metcalfe, Bullocks sold to 144.5p/kg from I Atkinson & Son, Holme House Farm for a Friesian and Bulls also sold to 144.5p/kg for a Charolais from JF & AW Sutton, Nether House Farm.

An overall market average of 110p/kg for all Cast Cattle forward was achieved.

Store Cattle

It was good to see a larger entry of Store Cattle forward this week at Lancaster with 324 going under the hammer to a usual ringside of buyers. A larger show of Friesian types were forward today with a strong trade for short term cattle. Topping the market, again, this week was JD & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm, with a Limousin Bullock selling to £1460 followed by another Limousin Bullock selling to £1430 from the same vendor. Heifers topped at £1240 for a single Aberdeen Angus from JD & GM Bracken, Greenlands Farm. Friesian Bullocks saw a high of £1100 from KG Wilkinson, North Dene.

Big entries of cattle still required to meet our customer’s demands.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1460 High House Farm; £1420 Whicham Hall; £1320 Millbeck. BRB: £1370 Middle Grange Farm; £1190 Low House. STAB: £1300 Millbeck; £1090 Valley View. AA: £1280 The Grange; £1260 Middle Grange Farm; £1260 The Lodge. WB: £1220 High Green. SIM: £1110 Gibraltar Farm. CH: £1110 Whelpside Farm; £1060 Low Moor Head Farm. HE: £1140 Ellers Farm; £1120 Windy Hill Farm. FR: £1100 North Dene; £1030 Old Glasson; £960 Underhelm Farm. SHO: £1020 Old Woodhouse. MON: £960 Lane House. BAZ: £940 Lower Swainhead Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1240 Greenlands Farm; £1160 Forton Bank Farm; £1140 Low House. BRB: £1190 Broats Farm; £1180 Hagg Farm; £1140 Kendal Hill . BAZ: £1160 Lower Swainhead Farm.. CH: £1150 Foredales Farm; £1150 Whelpside Farm; £1010 Lane House. LIM: £1130 Hawkrigg Head; £1090 Bouthwaite Farm; £1050 Causeway Farm. SIM: £1120 Bouthwaite Farm. HE: £1080 Foredales Farm. FKV: £1020 Carlingwha.

CAST COWS – AA: 164.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd; 129.5 Little Fell Farm. FR: 164.5 Derby Lodge Farm; 127.5 Tills Farm; 124.5 Hagg Farm. LIM: 144.5 Mill Bank; 134.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd; 134.5 Dunkenshaw Farm. SIM: 137.5 Bank House Farm; 131.5 Throstle Nest Farm; 131.5 Ballacutchel Farms. STAB: 134.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. BLO: 134.5 Tounge House Farm; 129.5 Millbeck; 117.5 The Borrans. CH: 134.5 Nether House Farm. GEL: 127.5 Millbeck. BRB: 124.5 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. HE: 119.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. CON: 114.5 Throstle Nest Farm. SHO: 109.5 Bank House Farm.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 154.5 Holme House Farm; 149.5 Greenways Farm; 124.5 Brantbeck Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 144.5 Boon Town Farm.
CAST BULL – CHAR: 144.5 Nether House Farm. LIM: 124.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. FR: 94.5 Cote Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £365 Chapel House ; £350 Blackleach House Farm. AA: £170 Great Eccleston.
BULL CALF – BRB: £360 Norbreck Farm; £340 School House; £330 Chapel House Farm. MON: £320 White Lund Farm. AA: £300 Great Eccleston Hall; £262 Gibsons Farm. LIM: £150 The High Farm. FR: £86 Catshaw Hall Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £130 Ancliffe Hall.
HEIFER STIRK – BRB: £445 Higher Brundhurst Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – AA: £500 Higher Brundhurst Farm

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