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Lancaster Friday 13th January

Posted Friday, 13 January 2017, 4.00pm

Store Cattle

This week saw a larger entry of 278 store cattle going under the gavel at Lancaster this morning. All classes of cattle met a sharper trade on the previous week, with more cattle required to meet our customers demand. Topping the trade was a Limousin bullock at £1450 from a regular vendor DE & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm, Natland, who also had bullocks exceeding the £1300 mark. Topping the heifer trade was a Frisian from JS&KM Wilson & Son, High House, at £1340.

Frisian bullocks also sold well with demand topping at £1170 form L Parsons & sons, Low Levens with a number of lots breaking the £1000 barrier.

Cast Cow

A larger entry of cast cattle was seen this week at Lancaster with 136 forward, a good show of all classes of cows today with plenty of meat about which resulted in a noticeable sharper trade in the ring. Topping the trade was Limousin cow from M & L Preece, High house farm, Kirby Lonsdale at 171.5p/kg. With Friesian cows topping at 127.5p/kg from MJ K Ayrton, Bambers Farm and an overall average of 110p/kg.


There was a well-supported ringside of buyers for this morning’s sale of calves and Stirks. With nice quality continental types meeting a firm demand, while in the Black and White section, good stronger types were wanted while the smaller younger ones met recent rates.

Topping the sale today was FW Rhodes & Son, Barrow Greaves Farm, with a cracking British Blue Bull Calf which realised £335. Continental Bull Calves peaked at £265 for a Limousin consigned by JR Pye, Hatters Farm.
Native Calves sold away to £270 for a Hereford Bull calf from FW Rhodes, Barrow Greaves Farm, and a Aberdeen Angus bull calf realised £190 from Messrs Wallbank Farms Ltd, Tills Farm. In the Friesian section bull calves sold to £135 consigned by CR & A Baxter & Son, New Brows Farm. JR Pye, Hatters Farm sold his Montbeliarde bull calves for £120.
Heifer Calves made a top price of £290 for a British Blue which was consigned by Wallbank Farms Ltd. Native Bred Calves sold to £185 for a Welsh Black from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House Farm and £66 for an Aberdeen Angus heifer from TM Townley, Knowsley Farm.

A consignment of Stirks from PS & H Eckersley, Higher Brundhurst Farm, sold away to a top price of £390 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus Steers. His Montbeliarde steer stirks peaked at £345, followed by £275 and his Friesian steer stirks topped at £295, then £180 and £170.

Top Prices 

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1450 High House Farm; £1370 Bensons Farm; £1360 High House Farm. CHAR: £1390 High House Farm; £1270 Langthwaite Heights; £1170 Ellers Farm. BRB: £1370 High Green; £1270 Gibraltar Farm; £1210 Intack Farm. AA: £1340 Low Levens; £1330 High Green; £1250 Daniel Fold Farm. SLR: £1270 Millbeck. SHO: £1190 Westfield Farm; £1040 Cross House Farm. ST: £1270 Millbeck. SIM: £1250 Low House; £1200 Far Mount; £1160 Windy Hill Farm. HE: £1200 Daniel Fold Farm; £1170 Raw Head; £1120 Windy Hill Farm. BLO: £1180 Nook Farm. FR: £1170 Low Levens; £1130 Gibraltar Farm; £1060 Low House. MON: £1090 Cock Hall Farm; £1080 Fanny House Farm. SRW: £1050 Fanny House Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – FR: £1340 High House; £1170 Kitchen Ground Farm. LIM: £1180 Foredales Farm; £1140 Whicham Hall Farm; £1090 Causeway Farm. CH: £1130 Langthwaite; £1130 Cross House Farm; £1110 Brown Edge. BRB: £1090 Bouthwaite Farm; £1080 Slack Farm; £1080 High House. SIM: £1080 Croppers Farm. MON: £1030 Hatters Farm. AA: £1080 Birks Farm; £1080 Mill House Farm; £1080 Windy Hill Farm. HE: £1030 Windy Hill Farm. MON: £1030 Hatters Farm.
CAST COWS – LIM: 171.5 High House Farm; 149.5 Cobble Hey Farm. BRB: 164.5 The Borrans; 159.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm; 154.5 Bank Field Farm; 149.5 Causeway Farm. BLO: 149.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. HE: 134.5 Cobble Hey Farm. AA: 129.5 Bank Field Farm; 119.5 Intack Farm. FR: 127.5 Bambers Farm; 124.5 Stubb Hall Farm; 124.5 Tills Farm. MON: 117.5 White Lund Farm; 104.5 Hawkin Hall. SRW: 114.5 Stubb Hall Farm; 109.5 Walkers I’th Fields; 94.5 White Lund Farm. FKV: 114.5 Hawkin Hall.
CAST HEIFER – SRW: 171.5 Walkers I’th Fields. BA: 164.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. FR: 154.5 Holme House Farm; 144.5 Moss House Farm; 134.5 Higher Hollinhead Farm.
CAST STEER – FR: 159.5 Boon Town Farm; 159.5 Green Dragon Farm. LNGH: 144.5 Higher Hollinhead Farm. HIGH: 109.5 Southwoods Hill Farm.
CAST BULL – AA: 119.5 Birkland Barrow. FR: 109.5 Gowrey Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £290 Tills Farm. WB: £185 Cocker House Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £335 Barrow Greaves Farm; £220 Tills Farm; £175 Kitchlow Farm. HE: £270 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIM: £265 Hatters Farm. AA: £190 Tills Farm; £110 Knowsley Farm. FR: £135 New Brows Farm; £95 Tills Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – AA: £390 Higher Brundhurst Farm. MON: £345 Higher Brundhurst Farm. FR: £295 Higher Brundhurst Farm.

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