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J36 Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Posted Tuesday, 03 January 2017, 5.15pm

Prime Hoggs

991 Prime Hoggs sold to a buoyant trade throughout the sale, with all types keenly bid for.

Hitting the high spot today was Fishwick Farms, Silverdale, for a pair of superb Beltexs scaling 52kg, and realising £104. Top price per kilo of the day went to RH, M & S Boyren, Hill Park for his 42kg cracking Texels, making 209.5p/kg.

Suffolks peaked at £94 for a pair of lengthy 57kg Hoggs, from MJ Waller, Carlingwha.
TS & SM Park, Millom Castle sold away at £90 for a pair of well-bred 54kg Texels with W & J Parkinson from Cross House Farm having a super run of Beltex Hoggs with his top pen of 20 selling to £86.50 (206p/kg) for 42kgs Hoggs. A pen of 10 Cheviot Hoggs scaling 44kg realised £77 from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands Farm and a consignment of 22 Mules from R & EA Gardner, Barrowfield, weighing 50kg and sold to £74.50. Williamson Brothers, Greenhills Farm had a show of tidy Blackface Hoggs, with his top pen realising £69.00 which scaled 40kg. Swaledale's from JA Alderson, Barras Farm, had a pen of 12 Hoggs scaling 41kg and sold to £68.00.

R & YE Pennington, Greenbank Farm had a pair of Dorset's selling to £70.00 and a pen of Charollaiss from RH, M & S Boyren, Hill Park sold to £79.00.

Heavy Hoggs were in stronger demand, with 45.5-52kg averaging 160.93p/kg, good meaty light Hoggs weighing between 32.1-39kg were also firmer, averaging 168.98p/kg, and the SQQ Hoggs weighing 39.5-44kg averaged 172.46p/kg.

991 Prime Hoggs sold to an average of 167.97p/kg.

Cast Sheep

The cast ewe trade was back to normal this week with a busy ring of buyers looking for all types of ewes. A better trade was enjoyed this week with ewes selling £8 to £10 dearer on the week.

An entry of 400 forward saw strong pure bred ewes selling in excess of £100 topping at £121 for a Beltex from AW Crowe of Ashtree Cottage with Texel ewes from PK & R Woof of Storth End selling to £116. Mule ewes sold into the mid-sixties with the stronger ewes selling over the sixty quite regularly. Horned ewes sold to a top of £56 from PJ Onions of keer Falls.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £104 Bank House Farm, £86.50, £76.50 Cross House Farm. Suff £94 Carlingwha, £9.50 Guides Farm, £93 Crabtree Farm, £93, £90.50 Guides Farm. Tex £90 Millom Castle, £89.50 Mint Close, £88 Hill Park, £87 Mint Close, £86 Bank House Farm. Char £79 Hill Park, £73, £72.50 Longmire Farm, £64 High Greenside. Chev £77, £70.50 Croolands Farm, £70.50 Greenhills Farm, £69 Hartrigg, Greenhills Farm. Mule £74.50 Barrowfield Farm, £62.50 Tongue House, £61.50 Braida Garth. Dors £70 Greenbank Farm. Sco £69, £68.50 Greenhills Farm. Swale £68 Barras Farm, £62 Middle Sadghyll, £60.50 Ashstead, £59 Bradia Garth, £56.50 Barras Farm. Con £61 Hutton Roof Hall. Rough £60.50 Low Fold.

Cast Ewes: Bel £121 Ashtree Cottage, £85 Keer Falls. Tex £116, £114, £106, £99 Storth End Farm, £85 St Annes Farm. BFL £81 Helm Croft, £75 Moss Head, Ashstead. Suff £80 Garnett Folds, £70, £65 Brown Edge. Chev £74 Ashtree Cottage, £67 Moss End Farm, £48 Harbarrow Farm. Mule £68 Ashtree Cottage, £66 Carlingwha, £65 Garnet Folds, Edenbrook House, Grayrigg Foot. Llyen £65 New Hutton. Horned £63 Harbarrow Farm, £56 Keer Falls, £55, £52 Harbarrow, £51 Keer Falls. Cont £60 Fairbank Farm. Rough £52 Low Deepslack, £41 Applegarth.

Cast Rams: Tex £100, £77, £55 Moss End Farm. Char £90 Guides Farm, £74 Applegarth, £65 Moss End Farm. Bel £88 Guides Farm. Llyen £84 Cragg Farm. Grit £77 Moss End Farm. BFL £63 Brown Edge, £58 Moss End Farm, £51 Braida Garth, £50 Audlands Park.

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