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J36 Tuesday 24th January 2017

Posted Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 4.41pm

Prime Pigs

The fortnightly sale of prime pigs at J36 had an entry of 27 forward this week. The sale topped at £117 for 84kg prime pigs or 140p/kg from O’Rourke Farms of Dalbeattie. Plenty of prime pigs sold in the region of 100p/kg. The next sale of pigs will be held on Tuesday 14th February.

Prime Hoggs

An entry of 975 Prime Hoggs sold to a top price of £85 for a pen of cracking Beltex Hoggs, consigned by G R & A Foy, Parkside Farm. Top price per kilo was 202.8p/kg for 36kg Beltex Hoggs from P & TL Edmondson Ltd, Low Hall Farm. Beltex x Hoggs from W & J Parkinson, Cross House Farm peaked at 200p/kg and Texel Hoggs consigned by TS & SM Park, Millom Castle realised £82.50 for 43kg.

Suffolk Hoggs sold away to £74 from BR Butterfield & Son, Moss House Farm, with Charollais selling to £71 from TE, JS & SA Carruthers, Red Scar, and also from RR & JA Knowles, Myers Farm.

Hill breeds sold to a top of £68.50 for a pen of Mules consigned by BR Butterfield & Son,
Moss House Farm, Rough Fell Hoggs sold to £65 from AJ & CM Harrison, Boundary Beck,
P Prickett, Hutton Roof had Cheviots sell to £65, Herdwicks from by A & L Birkett,
High Birk Howe Farm realised £63, Bluefaced Leicester Hoggs reached a top of £63.50 from AJ & CM Harrison, Boundary Beck and Swales from TLB & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge sold to £60.

There was a very mixed show of Hoggs forward today, nice shapely types with the right weights sold away to a firm demand with heavier Hoggs harder to cash.

Cast Sheep

There was an entry 300 cast sheep forward this week at J36. In general a plainer, leaner entry of cast sheep with many looking very wintered today. Cast rams sold to a top of £85 from A Holden of Sandy Gap with plenty of ewes selling in the region of eighty pound. Strong mule ewes sold to a top of £74 from RR & JA Knowles of Myers with other pens of stronger mule ewes selling mid to late sixties. Hill bred ewes saw cheviots sell to a top of £68 from IE & MA Taylor of High Deepslack

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £85 Parkside Farm, £82 Cross House Farm, Parkside Farm, £79, £76 Bank House Farm. Tex £82.50 Millom Castle, £80.50, £80, £76, The Galleon, £75 Crabtree Farm. Suff £74 Moss House Farm, £72 Smithy Green Farm, Cockrigg Farm, £71.50 Smithy Green Farm, £71 Moss House Farm. Char £71 Red Scar, £71, £70.50 Lower Lodge, £70 Red Scar, £69 Crabtree Farm. Mule £68.50 Moss House Farm, £68 Blea Tarn Road, £63.50 Barrowfield, £62.50 High Borrowbridge, £61.50 Braida Garth. Chev £65 Hutton Roof Hall, £64.50 Crooklands Farm, £60 Seedhowe Cottages, Crooklands Farm, £58 Seedhowe Cottages. Rough £65, £57, £54.50 Boundary Beck, £52 Millriggs, £49 High Borrowbridge. BFL £63.50 Boundary Beck. Herd £63, £54, £53 High Birk Howe Farm. Swale £60 High Borrowbridge, £52 High Birk Howe Farm, Middle Sadghyll, £51, £50.50 Well Foot.

Cast Ewes: Tex £79 Parkside Farm, £78 Mint Close, Garnett Folds, £70 Stubb Farm. Suff £76, £60 Ballamoar Farm. Mule £74 Myers Farm, £68 Smithy Green Farm, £67 Cinderbarrow Farm, £65 Brown Edge, £62 Mint Close. Chev £68 High Deepslack, £63, £53 High House Farm. Char £63 Ballamoar Farm, £56 Dawson Fold. BFL £59 Cinderbarrow Farm. Rough £52, £47 High Swinklebank, £46 Woodside, High Swinklebank, £40 Crabtree Farm. Cont £50 Ballamoar Farm.
Cast Rams: Tex £85 Sandy Gap Cottage, £77 Castle Syke Farm, £60 Ballamoar Farm, £50 Braida Garth. Char £80 Dawson Fold, £60 Myers Farm. Suff £70 Braida Garth. Cont £53 North Lodge. Bel £50 Stubb Farm, Bank House Farm.

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