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J36 Tuesday 17th January 2017

Posted Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 9.27am

Prime Hoggs

Topping the Prime Hogg trade today was a superb 46kg Texel, consigned by DJE & A Freeman, Town End Farm which sold for £96. TR Prickett, Hutton Roof had a very smart pen of 11 Texels, weighing 41kg and selling for £78 or 190.2p/kg. Beltex Hoggs peaked at £84 or 186.5p/kg for a cracking Hogg, scaling 45kg from J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm.

A pen of lightweight Continentals from LA & M Lambert, Brow Head, weighing 34kg, made 188p/kg. Suffolks today sold away to £85 from JA & LR Wilson, Dunningwell Farm. Hill bred Hoggs peaked at £75.50 for a pen of Mules, consigned by J & AJ Coates & Sons, Braida Garth, Cheviots sold away to £71.50 from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands Farm, a pair of Herdwicks from K Wrathall Ltd, Cockley Beck Farm, sold to £67 and Swaledales realised £62.50 for a pen of 17 from Fishwick Bros, Middle Sadghyll.

Prime Hoggs sold away to a keener demand today with the SQQ averaging 163.13p/kg.

Cast Sheep

Once again, a smaller show of cast ewes forward this week with just 234 which was expected with the time of year. There was a good selection of all classes of ewes forward again meeting a sharper trade on the previous week, topping the market this afternoon was a pair of Bluefaced Leicester rams at £125 from RE Clegg & Miss LD Bennett, Tounge House closely followed by a single Beltex ewe scaling £100 from ME Wannop & sons LTD, Heaton Hall Farm. Strong continental ewes sold to £98 down to the early £70 mark and all Mule ewes forward averaged £62 with Mashams averaging £66. Swaledale ewes topped at £45 averaging £33, with more demand for them.

More cast sheep wanted to meet the buyers demands.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £96 Town End Farm, £84 Braida Garth, £82.50 Mint Close, £82 Dunningwell Farm, £81.50 Crooklands Farm. Suff £85 Dunningwell Farm, £82 High House Farm, £80 Orchard House, £78 Green Close, Low Woodedge Farm. Bel £84 Poppy Farm, £83.50 Kirket Nook, £80 Parkside Farm. BFL £79 Yoad Pot. Mule £75.50 Braida Garth, £68, £67.50, £66 Heaton Hall Farm, £65 Low Hall Farm. Chev £71.50, £69.50 Crooklands Farm, £68, £66.50 Orchard House, £65 Hall Bank. Char £70 Heaton Hall Farm, £68.50 Broughton House Farm, £67.50 Hall Bank. Herd £67 Cockley Beck Farm. Cont £64 Brow Head. Swale £62.50 Middle Sadghyll, £58.50 Middale Farm, Thursgill, £58 Middale Farm, £57 Yoad Pot. Rough £62, £60.50 Low Fold, £54 Millbeck.
Cast Ewes: Bel £100, £98 Heaton Hall Farm. Tex £98 Heaton Hall Farm, £85 Poppy Farm, £82 Birks Farm, £78 Town End Farm. Suff £84 Patton Hall, £83 Lambrigg Head Farm, £70, £68 Patton Hall, £65 High Green. Mule £70 Heaton Hall Farm, Wray Farm, £66 Lambrigg Head Farm, £65 Patton Hall. Mash £66 Lambrigg Head Farm. Rough £65 Lambrigg Head Farm, £57 High Green, £49 Lambrigg Head Farm, £46 Patton Hall. Char £63 High Green. Chev £61 Dale View Farm, £60 Hutton Roof Hall. Zwart £60 Birks Farm. BFL £59 Longwell. Llyen £56, £50.50 Gaitbarrow Farm, £48 Broughton House Farm.
Cast Rams: BFL £125, £69 Tongue House. Bel £87 Town End Farm, £71 Poppy Farm. Cont £71 Stoney Gill. Tex £60 Stoney Gill, £55 Town End Farm.

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