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J36 Thursday 5th January 2017

Posted Thursday, 05 January 2017, 3.20pm


The first sale of Calves and Stirks at J36 of the New Year had an entry of 70 forward where the trade was very dependent upon the quality of the calves. Young beef calves saw bull and heifer calves sell to the late £200s regularly. Black and white bull calves were eagerly bid for with a couple of fresh faces around the ring today looking to purchase black and whites. Black and white calves topped at £170 from RJ & KR Wilkinson of Low Foulshaw with nicer rearing types selling in and around the £100 mark. Good fleshy young black and whites sold between £60 and £80.

A good number of weanling blues forward this week were keenly bid for with British Blue weanlings regularly selling in excess of £400 topping at £440 from G Wilson of Low field farm of Appleby. Black and white weanlings topped at £200 Messrs Sowerby of Townhead Farm of Appleby.

Cast Cows

OTM Cows sold away to a top price of £1023.98 or 184.5p/kg for a 555kg Stabiliser, consigned by
A Dixon, Kit Cragg. JJ & MA Park & Son, Low Sizergh Farm, had the next best price of £914.15 for a 778kg Mont. A Limousin cow from RH, M & S Boyren, Hill Park, scaling 650kg sold to £893.75.

OTM Heifer's topped at £994.75 or 141.5p/kg for a 703kg Friesian from Messrs Sowerby, Townhead Farm.

In the bull section a Stabliser scaling 930kg, realised £1111.35/119.5p/kg, from A Dixon, Kit Cragg.

An entry of 27 forward sold to a market averaged of 109p/kg with an active ring of seven buyers, which more cattle could have easily have been sold to the vendors advantage. The next sale of OTM Cattle will be on Thursday 19th January.

Breeding Cattle

Breeding stock peaked at £1250 for a nice young outfit of a Limousin X heifer with a Simmental X heifer calf at foot, which was consigned by DJ & A Freeman, Town End.

JA & SA Allen, Barker Knott, had a British Blue x cow with a Charolais X heifer calf, which realised £1150.

Store Cattle

There was a smaller entry of Store Cattle on offer this morning, but stock maintained recent rates.
Topping the store trade today was a pen of strong, well-bred Continental bullocks consigned by Low Moor House Farm Ltd, which realised £940, his next lot sold to £840.

TW & J Beaty, Long Green Hall, sold good sweet Limousin heifers for £780, then his stretchy British Blue sold for £740.

Leading the bull trade was RI Dixon, Low Newton Farm, with very shapely Limousins, his top price was £800, followed by £780. Native bred bulls sold to £640 & £600 for Aberdeen Angus, and £600 for Herefords, which were consigned by RJ & J Gardner, Natland Mill Beck.

The next sale of Store Cattle will also include the annual New Year Show and Sale on Thursday 19th January 2017, entries are now invited for the catalogue with the closing date being Wednesday 11th January.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £290 Low Brundrigg, £280 Lupton Hall, £275 Espford, £260 Hollins Farm, £255 Low Brundrigg. Lim £200 Lupton Hall, £180, £160 Broomfield. Ang £180 Broomfield. Sim £175 Beck Side. Fri £170 High Foulshaw, £165 Espford, £95 Espford, Elm Tree Farm, £78 Espford.
Heifer Calf: Brb £285, £240 Birds Park Farm, £225, £210, £170 Townhead Farm. Lim £190, £155, £150 Lupton Hall. Sim £120 Beck Side.
Bull Stirk: Brb £440, £435, £425 Field Farm, £415 Townhead, £355 Low Field Farm. Fri £200 Townhead Farm.
Heifer Stirk: Brb £350 Low Field Farm.
OTM Cow: Stab 184.5, 124.5 Kit Cragg. Lim 137.5, 127.5 Hill Park. Brb 124.5 Hill Park. Sho 117.5 Abbots Reading Farm. Mon 117.5, 114.5, 89.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Fri 107.5 Townhead Farm, Lupton Hall, 104.5, 99.5 Townhead Farm. Here 104.5, 84.5 Lane Ends Farm.
OTM Heifer: Fri 141.5 Townhead Farm.
Cast Bull: Stab 119.5 Kit Cragg.
Store Bullock: Con £940, £840 High House Farm.
Store Heifer: Lim £780, £690, £670 Long Green Head. Brb £740 Long Green Head.
Store Bull: Lim £800, £780, £750, £720 Low Newton Farm. Ang £640, £600 Natland Mill Beck. Here £600 Natland Mill Beck.

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