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Lancaster Friday 30th September 2016

Posted Friday, 30 September 2016, 11.55am

Topping the sale today in the Calf ring was a British Blue bull calf, consigned by M J Fell Ltd, Chapel House, Newton, and realised £390. Heifers topped the sale at £280 for a British Blue, consigned by Wallbank Farm Ltd, Tills Farm, Over Wyresdale. 15 Hfr Calves avg - £169.67, 40 Bull Calves avg - £156.98

It was the monthly sale of Stirks today and the ringside was very well supported, all classes of stirks met a grand trade throughout. in the calf section continentals met a keen trade and the black and whites sold to recent rates. Steer Stirks sold to a top price of £730 for British Blue, consigned by M D Close & Son, Docker Hall Farm, Arkholme. Topping the heifer Stirk section was a Limousin consigned by G E & J A Hayhurst, Brunstow and made £645. Bull stirks sold to £565 for a Limousin consigned by D J Townley, Whinney Carr Farm. 23 Str Strks avg - £558.26, 31 Hfr Strks avg - £425.32, 45 Bull Strks avg - £258.82

Top price in the Store Cattle sale was £1330 for British Blue steers, consigned by L R Bracken, Greenlands Farm, Garstang. Heifers were selling to a top of £1190 for a pair of Limousins consigned by J A & L R Wilson, Dunningwell Farm, The Green. 350 Strs avg - £891.93, 129 Hfrs avg - £863.10, 1 Bull avg - £330. Trade for the store cattle was stronger on the week, with prices holding up from start to finish. The store ring was once again supported by a full ringside of buyers. There was a competition for the highest priced pen of 2 or more Heifers which was won by JA & LR Wilson, Dunningwell Farm, selling for £1190, which was kindly supported by The Insurance Centre and Yorkshire Bank.

Store Cattle Top Prices:
STORE BULLOCK – BRB: £1330 Greenlands Farm; £1250 Grange Farm; £1220 Longlands Farm. SIM: £1310 Daniel Fold Farm; £1250 Upp Hall; £1240 Gibraltar Farm; £1240 Littlewood Hall. AA: £1300 Bainsbank Farm; £1300 Kilburn House; £1260 Upp Hall. LIM: £1270 The Grange; £1220 Upp Hall; £1190 Dunningwell. MON: £1240 Daniel Fold Farm; £HE: £1190 Shay House; £1130 Ivy Barn; £1090 Newhsam Hall Farm. FR: £1010 The Grange; £960 Grizdale; £930 Daniel Fold Farm.
STORE HEIFER – LIM: £1190 Dunningwell Farm; £1120 Cinder Barrow; £1100 Red Scar. AA: £1140 Greenlands Farm; £1130 Yew Tree Farm; £1080 Higher Lees Farm. SIM: £1130 Bank House Farm; £1040 High Fell Gate; £1020 Hawkrigg End. BRB: £1130 Village Farm; £1060 Lockbank Farm; £1020 Friars Moss. BLO: £1090 King Bank Farm. CH: £990 Greenbank Farm; £960 Lane House; £860 Higher Broomfield. HE: £940 Newsham Hall Farm. FR: £930 Lockabank Farm.

Topping the sale in the Cast Cattle section was a Fri heifer scaling 727kg and realising £1014.17, and consigned by H Halhead & Son, Lawsons Farm, Nether Kellet. Cast cows topped £1007.19 for a 722kg Limousin consigned by S T Birkett & Son, Hall Croft Barn,
Carnforth. The trade for the cast cattle was slightly easier on the week.
Cast Cow Top Prices:
CAST COW – LIM: 139.5 Hall Croft Barn; 129.5 Overthwaite Farm; 114.5 Aikengill. FR: 134.5 Hall Farm; 119.5 White Lund Farm; 119.5 Birkland Barrow.
SIM: 119.5 Langdale. STAB: 119.5 Kit Cragg. BRB: 117.5 Norbreck Farm; 117.5 Claughton Hall Farm. AA: 117.5 Upp Hall; 117.5 Aikengill; 109.5 Claughton Hall Farm. SLR: 109.5 Hartrigg. HE: 109.5 Coaley Walks Farm. MON: 104.5 White Lund Farm; 101.5 Lane House.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 149.5 Tunstall Hall; 139.5 Lawsons Farm; 124.5 Hoggetts Lane Farm.

Calf Top Prices:
HEIFER CALF – BRB: £280 Tills Farm; £265 Chapel House. LIM: £205 Barrow Greaves; £180 Hatters Farm. AA: £192 Barrow Greaves. HE: £190 Barrow Greaves Farm; £150 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £190 Sellerley Farm. HO: £155 Hatters Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £390 Chapel House; £250 Broomfield; £240 Norbreck Farm. AA: £345 Tills Farm; £220 Half Way House. LIM: £320 Lane Head Farm; £290 Hatters Farm. HE: £232 Barrow Greaves; £175 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £190 Sellerley Farm. SHO: £145 Hatters Farm. FR: £110 Brantbeck Farm; £88 Tunstall Hall.

Stirk Top Prices:
BULL STIRK – LIM: £565 Whinney Carr Farm. HE: £515 Stonehead. AA: £505 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £480 Birks Lane; £425 Appletree Farm. BRB: £350 Appletree Farm; £295 Norbreck Farm. FR: £320 Croppers Farm; £210 Hallbeck; £180 Sandvilla. SRW: £180 Sandvilla.
HEIFER STIRK – LIM: £645 Brunstow; £470 Whinney Carr Farm. AA: £600 Snapewood Farm; £400 Docker Hall Farm; £305 Lower Langthwaite. SHO: £590 Snapewood Farm; £470 Stonehead.BRB: £318 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £280 Little Tunstall Farm; £252 Chapel House. SIM: £300 Lower Langthwaite Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – BRB: £730 Docker Hall Farm. AA: £720 Docker Hall Farm; £670 Hallbeck; £505 Docker Hall Farm. MON: £645 Farmdale Road; £560 Hatters Farm; £560 Hatters Farm. FR: £340 Toulbrick Farm.

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