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Lancaster Friday 2nd September 2016

Posted Friday, 02 September 2016, 11.08am

Cast cows saw well fleshed cows sell to a strong trade with a plainer entry in general, plainer types harder to sell.

Store cattle was a mixed entry in general with well fleshed and quality cattle still very good to sell with other a touch easier on the week.

Calves saw a very selective trade with best types of beef calves a good trade as ever with the others type slightly harder to sell this week.

The second breeding ewe and shearling incorporating the second sale of breeding rams was held on Friday 2nd September at Lancaster. A very selective breeding tup sale with buyers looking to purchase good quality breeding rams. Tups topped at £480 for a Beltex cross tup from Frank and Sue Towers of Curwen Hill. Suffolk cross Texel tups sold to £420 from Andrea Gardner of Bay Horse with Texel’s selling to £400 from B & J Preston of Ellers. Ewes and gimmer shearlings sold to a strong trade and eagerly bid for with buyers once again looking to purchase string replacement breeding sheep, pure bred Texel gimmer shearlings sold to £165 from B & J Preston of Ellers. Mule gimmer shearlings sold to a top of £140 twice from EI, EA & TW Wilson of Guides farm.

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1350 Upp Hall; £1260 Yew Tree Farm; £1220 High Green. LIM: £1310 Old Glasson Farm; £1300 Red Scar; £1220 High Green. BRB: £1260 Old Glasson Farm; £1230 Pasture Barn Farm; £1230 High Underbrow. SLR: £1200 High Green. HE: £1190 Hill Top; £1100 Fellside Farm; £970 Cockrigg Farm. SIM: £1150 Windy Hill Farm; £1100 Fellside Farm; £1090 Sykes Fold Farm. FR: £1140 Ellers Farm; £1120 Godson House Farm; £1000 Old Glasson Farm.CH: £1080 Fell End Farm. BAZ: £1060 The Old Stable. BA: £910 Kendal House Farm.
STORE HEIFER – BRB: £1270 Red Scar; £1080 High Underbrow Farm; £1050 Red Scar. BAZ: £1200 The Old Stable . LIM: £1190 Cross House Farm; £1120 Farleton House; £1050 Manor House Farm. AA: £1180 Church Street; £1090 Adamsons Farm; £1080 Underhelm Farm. HE: £1100 Hill Top. CH: £1070 High House Farm; £1060 Cross House Farm; £940 Black Bull Farm. BA: £1020 Cross House Farm. FR: £950 Downlands Farm.

CAST COW – BA: 179.5 The Bungalow; 134.5 Winder. LIM: 154.5 Poppy Farm; 144.5 Lane Head Farm; 134.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm. BRB: 144.5 Dove Cote Farm. 124.5 Barker Knott; 124.5 Fellside Farm; 121.5 Stoneybank. CH: 129.5 Fellside Farm. FR: 127.5 Lane End Farm; 124.5 Dove Cote Farm; 121.5 Tunstall Hall. SHO: 111.5 School House.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 144.5 Docker Hall Farm; 139.5 Tunsteads Farm; 134.5 Westfield House Farm. LIM: 149.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm.
CAST STEER – BRB: 169.5 Green Close.
CAST BULL – FR: 91.5 Beechwood Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £420 Tills Farm; £400 Chapel House. CH: £375 Blackleach House Farm. AA: £280 Tunstall Hall; £200 Blackleach House Farm; £180 Pump House Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £495 Chapel House; £430 Catshaw Hall Farm; £350 Hagg Farm. AA: £320 Tunstall Hall. LIM: £280 North Farm; £250 Poppy Farm. FR: £150 Tills Farm; £130 Birkland Barrow; £95 Tunstall Hall.

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