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J36 Tuesday 6th September 2016

Posted Wednesday, 07 September 2016, 9.13am

Caption: Champion Perfect Pair with vendor Mandy Allonby


NWA J36 had forward 1410 prime lambs, including the ‘Perfect Pairs’ Show & Sale. Also 627 Cast Sheep.

Perfect Pairs Show and Sale

Class 1 – Beltex

1st K M & K M Baxter, Bibbys Farm 45 kg - £109 (242.2p/kg)

2nd K M & K M Baxter, Bibbys Farm, 42 kg - £91 (216.7p/kg)

3rd A G Butler, Park Farm Barn, 38 kg - £78 (205.3p/kg)

Class 2 – Texel

1st J Allonby & Son, Greenhead, 44 kg - £134 (304.5p/kg)

2nd A G Butler, Park Farm Barn, 42 kg - £82 (195.2p/kg)

3rd Fishwick Farms, Brackenthwaite, 47 kg - £103 (219.1p/kg)

Champion – J Allonby & Son, Greenhead

Reserve champion – K M & K M Baxter, Bibbys Farm.

With an excellent presentation of show lambs forward, the judging was in the capable hands of Mr John Geldard, who went on to purchase the lambs for £134 for Plumgarths Farm Shop.

Out with the show, the top price per head for lambs was £105 for 52 kg Charollais consigned by P W Rhodes Ltd., Floraire, West End Lane, Cumbria.

Top price per kilo was 213p for 45 kg Charollais consigned from A R & C A Fawcett, Silverhow Farm, Gosforth.

All classes of sheep were very keenly bid for, especially the heavy, shapely butcher types, £95-£105. Lambs 39-44kg, sold exceptionally well from 200p-220p

The overall lamb averaged for the sale was 185.16p.

Top Price Lambs: Belt: £134 Green Head; £109, £91 Bibbys Farm; £101 Poppy Farm. Tex: £107 Dunkirk Avenue; £103, £100 Bank House Farm; £98 Orchard Barn. Char: £105 Floraire; £96 Silverhow Farm; £94 Gibraltar Farm; £90 Yealand Manor. Suff: £97 Lawsons Farm; £92 Crabtree Farm; £91 Ackenthwaite Farm; £89 Howriggs. Zwart: £92, £91 Wild Duck Hall. Chev: £83.50 Green Lane End; £80.50 Green Head. RFell: £78.50 Grange Farm; £74 Steps Farm. Mule: £78 Hall Drive; £73 Brown Edge; £71.50 Yoad Pot. Hamp: £74 Brow Head. Ryel: £71, £66.50 Vicarage Road. Mash: £55 Steps Farm.


We had a good entry of 627 Cast Ewes and Rams.

A better show of heavy ewes in today’s sale, especially good tight-skinned sheep were keenly bid for!!

Top price was £119 for Texel Ewes from J Robinson, Dunkirk Avenue, Carnforth.

Cast Rams sold to £117 for a Texel Ram off J C Dunning, Low Chapel Farm, Orton.

Fell ewes sold to £58 for a pen of 12 Swale ewes from Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall Farm.

Overall average was £48.25 for Cast Ewes and £70.88 for Cast Rams.

Top Prices:

Ram: Tex: £117 Low Chapel Farm; £111 Park End. Dors: £83 Cooilingel Farm. Chev: £84 Cooilingel Farm. Leic: £77 Low Hundhowe. Swale: £46 Hazel Head Farm.

Ewes: Tex: £119 Dunkirk Avenue; £99, £98 Poppy Farm; £89 Spital Farm. Suff: £85, £84, £79 Ninezergh; £84 Poppy Farm. Leic: £82 Catshaw Hall Farm. Zwart: £75, £51 Crook Hall Farm; £57 Catshaw Hall Farm. Mule: £72 Hawkrigg Farm, Dunkirk Avenue; £68 Singleton Park; £67 Myers Farm. Char: £71 Clawthorpe Lodge. Chev: £67 Spital Farm; £52 High Arnside Farm. Swale: £58, £48 Catshaw Hall Farm; £43 Bramaskew. RFell: £56 Low Deepslack. Mash: £48 Low Woodhouse.

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