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J36 Tuesday 20th September 2016

Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 8.59am


Top price per head for lambs today was £97 for 54kg Charollais's consigned by J Scott Jnr,Kingsland, Crosscake.
P J Onions, Keerfalls Forest Farm, had the top price per kilo of the day of 208.3p for a 36kg Beltex lamb.

Lambs of good quality and condition were selling to solid rates, £85-£90. Handyweight lambs 42kg-45kg, sold to a sound trade of £80-£85, with a nice cover of meat. Lambs that were plainer and lighter weights were definately harder to cash.

1460 Prime Lambs averaged 171.1p

Top Price Lambs: Char: £97, £95, £90 Kingsland; £92 Myers Farm. Tex: £96 Nunfield; £93 Low Hall Farm, High Deepslack; £91 Sunny Bank Farm. Suff: £89.50, £82.50 Dunningwell Farm; £85.50 Hawes Farm; £85 Low Brundrigg. Belt: £81, £72 Laithwaite; £75 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Mule: £77 Middale Farm; £74 Low Hall Farm; £73 Low Longmire. Chev: £74 Green Lane End Farm. Mash: £70 Middale Farm. Zwart: £65 Moss House Farm. RFell: £45 Moss End Farm.


The weekly sale of cast ewes and rams had an entry of over 500 forward and were again selling to a better trade than seen over previous weeks. Fresh buyers were around the ring, seeing Texel ewes sell to a top of £107 from DC Creer of the Isle of Man. Plenty of strong Continental ewes sold around the £90 mark. Texel tups sold to a top of £101 from P & TL Edmondson Ltd of Low Hall with big tups selling around the one hundred pound mark.

Mule ewes sold to a top of £79 from HR & KA Hodgson of Howriggs. Pens of strong ewes were selling in the seventies, with plenty of pens selling into the sixties. Rough Fell ewes sold to £82 and £80 from JE Read of Mealrigg. Strong Rough Fell ewes selling into the sixties with all Rough Fells forward averaging in the fifties.

Feeding ewes selling to a good trade with buyers now looking to purchase them and small meaty ewes required to meet demand of buyers, vendors urged to forward sheep.

Top Prices:
Tex: £107, £95 Cooilingel Farm; £101 Low Hall Farm; £95 Hyning Home Farm. Suff: £99 Castle How; £94 Howriggs; £83 Cooilingel Farm; £81 Hyning Home Farm. Leic: £87 Preston Patrick Hall; £60 Ashstead. RFell: £82, £80 £68 Mealrigg. Belt: £81, £78, £69 Laithwaite. Mule: £79 Howriggs; £72 Toadpool; £68 Stonethwaite Farm. Chev: £76, £71 Underley Estate; £72 Castle How, Silverhow Farm. Swale: £74 Holker Estate; £55 Skiddaw View; £51 Low Deepslack. Tees: £70 Mealrigg; £69, £67 Keerfalls Forest Farm. SBF: £59, £49 Roundthwaite Abbey Farm. Zwart: £49 Moss End Farm; £44 Silverhow Farm. Mash: £46 High Bridgestones. Herd: £45 Stonethwaite Farm; £36 Skiddaw View.

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