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J36 Suckled Calf Show & Sale Thursday 29th September

Posted Thursday, 29 September 2016, 11.51am

Caption: Champion from M & D Hatton, Knott End Farm with Vendor Mr Hatton, Judge Mr P Fox, Sponsors John Cook & Nicola Steadman from The Rural Law Practice, thank you to them and Yorkshire Bank for Sponsorship.

North West Auctions held their first Suckled Calf Show and Sale on Thursday 29th September at J36 Rural Auction Centre. Three classes were put before judge Mr Peter Fox where a tremendous show of calves were put before him before eventually gave the champion rosette to lot 435, a British Blue Heifer, from M & D Hatton, Knott End Farm, Broughton-in-Furness, which later went on to sell for £1160. A huge thanks goes to our Judge and our sponsors for the day, The Rural Law Practice and the Yorkshire Bank.

There was a flying trade, from start to finish, with a packed ringside of buyers and all classes of stock were keenly bid for with Bullocks selling to a top of £1000 from JC Walling of Crosthwaite, with a Charollais, Heifers sold to a top of £1160 for the Champion and Bulls topped at £910 for a Limousin Bullock from TE, JS & SA Carruthers from Underbarrow. Overall Bullocks averaged £764, Heifers averaged £692 and Bulls averaged £789.

Just short of 60 Claves and 16 Stirks at the weekly sale saw Continental calves sell to a solid trade with, once again, a good ringside of buyers present. The day’s trade for calves topped at £300 for a British Blue Bull consigned by P W & D Swindlehurst, Tranthwaite Hall, Underbarrow. Heifer calves sold to a top price of £285 for a British Blue, also from P W & D Swindlehurst. Black and White calves sold to a similar trade as seen in previous weeks with Bull calves selling to £110.

Just a handful of Stirks forward today had a top price of £470 for Flekvieh Steer, consigned by R Cowin & Sons, Hawrigg Farm, Mansergh.

In the OTM ring, 54 cattle were keenly bid for where Cows sold to a top of 159.5p/kg for a 653kg British Blue from J & M Wilson, Cooper House which was also the days top price per head selling for £1041.54. OTM Heifers sold to £780.62/124.5p/kg for a Flekvieh weighing 627kg from J & H Bland & Son, Ninezergh, Levens.

A small entry of Breeding Cattle saw GJ & CA Penellum of Swinside Farm, Thwaites, topping the sale today with a tremendous Lim cow with Lim calf at foot, realising £1420.00

Following the sale of Suckled Calves a small entry of Store Cattle had a top price of £1010 for a Charollais Bullock from P & SA Edmondson, Low Barrows Green with Heifers selling to £970 also from P & SA Edmondson. Bulls met a top price of £910 for a Limousin, consigned by TE.JS & SA Carruthers Red Scar. The next sale of Store Cattle will be on Thursday 13th October, please contact the office with entries.

Show Results


Mr P Fox, Clitheroe


The Rural Law & Yorkshire Bank

Class one – Suckled Heifer Calf

1st Lot 435 M & D Hatton, Knott End £1160
2nd Lot 654 NA & J Temple, Black Hall Farm £960
3rd Lot 515 CA & J Alty & Son, Moss House Farm £820

Class two – Suckled Bullock Calf

1st Lot 704 D Nicholson, Birch Bank £910
2nd Lot 436 M & D Hatton, Knott End £960
3rd Lot 657 NA & J Temple, Black Hall Farm £880

Class three – Suckled Bull Calf

1st CA & J Alty & Son, Moss House Farm
2nd CA & J Alty & Son, Moss House Farm

Top Prices

Suckled Bullock Calves: Ang £690 Low Fold, £650 Keerfalls Forest Farm, £600, £570, £530 Low Fold. Saler £750, £620, £610 Fairbank Farm. Lim £910 Birch Bank, £900 Horrace Farm, Howriggs, Red Scar, £870 Horrace Farm, £860 Howriggs, Swallowmire, £850 Horrace Farm. Char £1000, £890 Dawson Fold, £840 Bandrake Head, £820 Luneside, £810 Bandrake Head. Sim £900, £840 Bandrake Head, £830, £780, £750, £720 Bank House Farm. Stabiliser £750 Fairbank Farm. Brit Blue £960 Knott End Farm, £880 Black Hall Farm, £870 Cooper House, £860 Horrace Farm, £830 Black Hall Farm.
Suckled Heifer Calves: Ang £690 High Farm, £610 Low Fold, £550 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Saler £560, £530 Fairbank Farm. Lim £900, £870, £830 High Farm, £820 Moss House Farm, £810 Bank House Farm. Char £850 Dawson Fold, £800 Abbott Park, Barrowfield, £780 Bandrake Head, £740 Dawson Fold, £720 Luneside, Bandrake Head. Stabiliser £560, £530 Fairbank Farm. Brit Blue £1160 Knott End Farm, £960 Black Hall Farm, £760 Horrace Farm, £750 Knott End Farm.

OTM Cow: Fri 111.5 Townhead Farm, 107.5 Mealrigg, Millom Castle, 99.5 Millom Castle. Ang 121.5, 111.5, 99.5 Natland Mill Beck. Sho 89.5 Cooper House 74.5 Strickley. Gal 67.5 Cooper House. Lim 124.5 Stubb Farm, 79.5 Woodside Farm, Moser Hill. Stabiliser 121.5, 119.5, 114.5 Kit Cragg. Brit Blue 159.5 Cooper House, 87.5, 71.5 Lambrigg.
OTM Heifer: Fri 121.5 Natland Mill Beck. FKV 124.5, 97.5 Ninezergh.

Bull Calf: Fri £110 Espford, £90 Far Audlands, £70 Espford, £60, Hagg Farm, Espford, Low Audlands. Lim £240 Strickley, £200 Wyke Farm, £160 Halforth Farm. Brit Blue £300 Tranthwaite Hall, £215 Tranthwaite.
Heifer Calf: Lim £210, £200, £175 Strickley, £175 Halforth Farm. Brit Blue £285 £270, £260, £250 Tranthwaite Hall, £245 Hollins Farm.
Bull Stirk: Here £355 Catterall Brit Blue £460 Catterall.
Bullock Stirk: FKV £470 Hawkrigg Farm.

Store Bullocks: Lim £1000, £960 Cantsfield Hall, £900, £910 Stockber, £880 Woodvale Farm, £870 Stockber. Fri £380, £330 Stribers Farm. Char £1010 Low Barrows Green, £810 Bandrake Head.
Store Heifers: Lim £700 School Hill. Here £780, £730, £690 Old Hall Farm. Char £970, £890 Low Barrows Green, £730 School Hill. British Blue £760, £630 School Hill. Ang £680, £660 School Hill, £510 Low Fold.

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