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Lancaster Friday 26th August 2016

Posted Friday, 26 August 2016, 4.43pm

Store Cattle 

A bumper entry of just shy of 400 forward today. A lot more leaner cattle in the market today, with as usual good quality Store Cattle very easy to sell. Cattle sold to a top of £1370 for a British Blue Steer from Messrs Carruthers, Red Scar. Plenty of well fleshed bullocks in excess of £1300. Native bred bullocks continue to be good to sell at Lancaster with Angus Bullocks selling to a top of £1330 from ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall Farm. Vendors are encouraged to keep cattle numbers coming forward to fulfil a busy ring of buyers requirements.

Cast Cows

A better number of 112 Cast Cows forward today at Lancaster sold to a very strong trade especially as its the bank holiday weekend and many companies not working till Tuesday. Cast cows sold to a top of 189.5p/kg for a Limousin Cow from Mason & Gardner, Stoneybank Philpin Farm. Plenty of young beef cows around the 150p/kg mark. A market average of 109p/kg.

Calves and Stirks 

The monthly sale of Stirks including the weekly sale of Calves had an entry of 124 forward. Plenty of good Stirks forward today with the trade slightly easier than the roaring trade last month, with vendors still leaving satisfied. British Blue stirks sold to a top of £685 from J Simpson, Millstones. With British Blue Bullocks selling to a top of £670 from FW Rhodes & Son, Barrow Greaves Farm. Plenty of Dairy Bred Stirks in the £500’s at 5-6 months of age.
This weeks calves sold to a top of £385 for British Blue Bulls from Dave and Eileen Wallbank of Tills Farm. Plenty of Beef calves either side of the £300 mark.


Store Lambs 

A decent entry of Store Lambs forward at Lancaster saw Beltex Lambs sell to £63 from PD Pye, Marl House. Short keep lambs around £60 with longer keep lambs slightly easier trade with the dropping Prime Lamb trade this week.

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1370 Red Scar; £1350 Greenlands Farm; £1320 Longlands Farm. CH: £1340 Cock Hall Farm; £1240 Intack Farm; £1100 Cantsfield Hall. LIM: £1330 Threlfalls Farm; £1300 Daniel Fold Farm; £1290 Cockrigg Farm. AA: £1330 Heaton Hall Farm; £1300 Old Glasson; £1280 Kirkham Road. HE: £1200 Hill Top; £1200 Threlfalls Farm; £1120 Old Glasson. FKV: £1190 Threlfalls Farm; £1140 Old Glasson. MON: £1100 Godson House Farm; £1040 Moss Croft; £950 Fanny House Farm. BA: £1090 Cock Hall Farm. SLR: £1050 Cock Hall Farm. FR: £1030 Low Levens; £1030 Stubbins Farm; £980 Threlfalls Farm. BAZ: £1000 Mill House Farm. SIM: £910 Deansbiggin.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1180 Cross House Farm; £1010 Endmoor Farm; £1000 Brow Foot Farm. BRB: £1140 Hill Top; £1050 Cragg Farm; £1040 Bodkin Cottage. CH: £1140 Cross House Farm; £1070 Endmoor Farm; £1010 King Bank Farm. AA: £1140 Greenlands Farm; £1140 Hill Top; £1060 Brow Foot Farm. BLO: £1040 Low Levens. SIM: £1000 Higher Knowehill; £990 Long Streets Farm. FR: £910 Holme Head; £810 Heaton Hall Farm

HEIFER CALF – AA: £335 Boon Town Farm; £315 Tills Farm. HE: £300 Barrow Greaves Farm. BRB: £300 Norbreck Farm; £265 North Farm. LIM: £260 North Farm; £170 Barrow Greaves Farm. SIM: £240 Sellerley Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £450 Boon Town Farm; £385 Tills Farm. AA: £450 Boon Town Farm; £315 Tills Farm. HE: £320 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIM: £320 North Farm; £300 Norbreck Farm. FR: £235 Boon Town Farm; £95 North Farm.
BULL STIRK – BRB: £685 Millstones; £530 Bambers Farm; £480 Abbey Manor. SIM: £620 Bambers Farm; £590 Common Farm. LIM: £540 Abbey Manor. AA: £420 Bambers Farm; £280 Firtree Cottage.MON: £380 Abbey Manor; £265 Firtree Cottage; £2000 Walkers I’th Fields. HE: £360 Abbey Manor. FR: £360 Lawsons Farm; £120 Firtree Cottage.
HEIFER CALF – BRB: £580 Barrow Greaves Farm; £530 Abbey Manor; £525 Bambers Farm. LIM: £520 Abbey Manor; £400 Stirk Hey Farm. CH: £510 Abbey Manor. FR: £455 Snapewood Farm. AA: £400 Bambers Farm. SHO: £380 Snapewood Farm. HE: £280 Stirk Hey Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – BRB: £670 Barrow Greaves Farm; £665 Coverdales; £600 Docker Hall Farm. LIM: £500 Barrow Greaves Farm. HE: £450 Coverdales. AA: £410 Higher Brundhurst Farm. FR: £360 Coverdales; £330 Stirk Hey Farm; £305 Lawsons Farm.

CAST COWS – LIM: 189.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm; 131.5 Rooten Brook; 129.5 Abbey Manor. CH: 179.5 Intack Farm. MON: 159.5 Lane House; 124.5 Abbey Manor; 119.5 White Lund Farm. FR: 149.5 Arnside Tower Farm; 119.5 Yeat House; 119.5 Derby Lodge Farm. BRB: 144.5 Parkside Farm; 151.5 Stoneybank. 124.5 Abbey Manor. FKV: 139.5 Holme Head. AA: 139.5 Brow Foot Farm; 124.5 Parkside Farm; 124.5 Fell End Farm. SIM: 117.5 Sunnybank Farm. LNGH: 114.5 Abbey Manor. GAL: 109.5 Gilberton Farm. AY: 109.5 Holme Head. HE: 107.5 Home Barn.
CAST STEER – CHAR: 114.5 Fell End Farm.

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