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J36 Tuesday 9th August 2016

Posted Tuesday, 09 August 2016, 5.37pm


The monthly sale of all types pigs had a smaller entry this week. Prime pigs sold to one of the strongest trades seen at J36 for a long time, with all prime pigs forward averaging 130ppk, selling to a top of £150 or 161ppk for good quality white pigs from D Nicholson of Cockermouth. There were plenty of prime pigs easily selling in excess of £120. More prime pigs could easily have been sold today to vendors’ advantage with the most buyers at the sale for some time.

The store and weaner pigs sold to a very mixed trade, which were dependant on the quality of the pigs. Strong Pietrain cross weaners sold to a top of £52 from NJ Wilkinson of Barrow in Furness.


The strong trade in J36 last week saw a four pence increase in the average this week with an SQQ average of 191ppk for 1,400 This was a day in which more could easily have been sold, but a few vendors missing due to other local events. Better types of Beltex lambs sold in excess of 210ppk, topping at 216ppk from John and Hazel Thompson of Poppy Farm, with plenty of Texel lambs selling around the 200ppk mark. Heavy-weight lambs in excess of 45kg regularly in and around the £90 mark, topping at £104 from RS Harker & Son of Grayrigg Hall. Heavy weight Mule lambs sold to £87.50 from RS Harker & Son of Grayrigg Hall with 41kg mule lambs selling to £77 from JA & CA Gibson of Longwell. Lightweight Horned lambs sold to the mid-fifties.

Top Prices for Lambs: Belt: £104 Grayrigg Hall; £93, £85.50 Poppy Farm; £86.50 Stubb Farm. Tex: £98 Moss End Farm; £96.50 Tranthwaite Hall, Spital Farm; £95 Low Levens. Suff: £93.50 Middle Birkby Farm; £93 Broomfield; £90 Dale View Farm, Dendron Farm. Char: £87.50 Dendron Farm; £87, £82.50 Bendrigg Farm; £86.50 Redbank Farm. Chev: £86 Dale View Farm; £82 Silverhow Farm. Mule: £85.50 Grayrigg Hall; £79.50 Red Scar; £77 Longwell. Hamp: £83.50 Redbank Farm. Mash: £67.50 Intake Farm. Dors: £67 Warth Sutton. RFell: £52 Archer Hill.


After the Prime Lamb Sale, North West Auction had forward 683 Cast Ewes & Rams.

There was another great show of Ewes in today, selling to an average of £52.39, with more than half the ewes in today, straight off the fells.

Leaner, plainer Swaledale and Herdwick Ewes between £26 - £35

Heavy Ewes still a ‘grand trade’. Mule Ewes were still in the £70 - £80 bracket.

Top price was £110 for a Texel Ram from R T & M E Sutton, Crosscrake Farm.

Top Prices for Ewes: Tex: £90 (twice) Stubb Farm. Suff: £89 Smithy Green. Suff x: £89 Silverhow. Belt: £88 Smithy Green. Tex x: £86 Hill Park. Char: £83 The Borrans. Half-bred: £84 Gibraltar Farm. Leic: £80 Leekworth Gardens. Mule: £77 Ashtree Cottage, Park House; £75 Smithy Green. RFell: £70, £65 Croft Foot. Swale: £58 Skelwith Fold; £57 Grayrigg Hall, Rankthorn.

Top Prices for Rams: Texel: £110 Crosscrake. Leic: £96 Sowermire. SBF: £58 Roundthwaite Abbey.

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