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J36 - Tuesday 30th August 2016

Posted Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 6.03pm

North West Auctions, J36 had forward 1,429 Prime Lambs and 619 Cast Sheep.


Prime lambs sold to £103.50 for 53 kg Texels, consigned by Drinkall Brothers, Catshaw Hall, Over Wyresdale. Top price per kilo for lambs was 197.8p for 46kg Beltex x from A Thompson, Southways, Dockacres.

The overall sale average was 168.84p

Lambs that were 39 – 44kg and meaty sold to sellers’ advantage, but only leaner types were harder to cash.

Heavy weight lambs, weighing 45 – 50kg, sold to £85-£98.

Top Price Lambs: Tex: £103.50 Catshaw Hall Farm; £101 Headless Close; £97Low Fold; £90 Lane House Farm. Suff: £98, £89 Lawsons Farm; £94 Redbank Farm. Belt: £91 Southways. Char: £87, £82 Myers Farm; £84 Yealand Manor. Chev: £72, £70 Green Lane End. Mule: £70.50 Mid Town House, Low Hall Farm; £70 Dale View Farm.


619 Cast Ewes and Cast Rams

A poorer show of ewes forward today, with a lot of leaner ewes about. Overall average was £49.12.

Good, heavy ewes were very scarce. Mules slightly cheaper on the week. Good hill ewes were hard to find!!

Top Prices: Char: £100 Garnett House; £86 Warth Sutton. Tex: £92 Park House Farm; £83 Garnett House; £75 Hill Park, Gowan Bank Farm. Suff: £80 Crook o Lune Farm; £76 Redbank Farm. Chev: £74 High Underbrow Farm; £68 Ghyll Farm. Belt: £74 Jackson Ground; £70 Farleton House. Mule: £69 Green Lane End, Crook o Lune Farm; £68 High House Farm. Hamp: £69 Jackson Ground. Zwart: £67 High Underbarrow Farm; £66 Grange Rise. Leic: £58, £56 Boundary Beck. Mash: £59 Orphan Crag Barn; £51 Yealand Manor. Swale: £54 Low Hall Farm; £48 Overthwaite Farm. Dors: £52 Jackson Ground. RFell: £48 High Swinklebank, Riverside House; £46 Riverside House.

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