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J36 - Thursday 25th August 2016

Posted Thursday, 25 August 2016, 2.49pm


There was 1,481 store lambs at the fortnightly sale.

Store lambs continued to be a great trade. Auctioneer, Willie Paterson, was expecting trade to be a few pounds cheaper, like other Auction Marts were this week. Also Prime Lambs have been dropping!

Overall average on the day was £54.55, which is £1.30 down on the last sale, but more hill type lambs were in today.

Texel lambs selling between £63 - £75

Mule lambs selling between £50 - £59

Suffolk lambs selling between £52 - £66.50

Rough Fell lambs selling between £29 - £45

Top Prices: Tex: £75 Farleton House; £73 Long Green Head; £66 Barker Knott. Suff: £66.50 Marsh House; £64.50 Borwick Fold Farm; £62.50 Barker Knott, Gowan Bank. Mule: £59 Marsh House; £58 Mouse Syke, Moss Howe Farm. Char: £55 Stribers Farm. Chev: £55 Stock a Bank. RFell: £45 Riddings; £39 Riverside House. Mash: £39 High Bridgestone. SBF: £33.50 Beckside Farm. Swale: £33, £31.50 Mouse Syke.


The weekly sale of calves and stirks had an entry in the mid-thirties. British Blue bull calves sold to a top of £385 from W H Kitching & Son of Hawes Farm. With more calves coming onto the market, the beef trade has been slightly easier this week. With the same applying with the sale of black and whites, more Holstein calves were forward this week.

Top Prices:

Bull Calves: BrB: £385, £295 Hawes Farm; £330 Broomfield. Flek: £305, £245 Hawkrigg Farm. Sim: £280 Wraysholme Tower. Lim: £260 Broomfield. Fr: £92 Birds Park Farm; £85 Hawes Farm.

Heifer Calves: BrB: £280 Hawkrigg Farm, Elm Tree Farm.

Bull Stirks: Fr: £165, £155 Rakesmoor Farm.

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