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Lancaster Friday 8th July

Posted Friday, 08 July 2016, 6.18pm

An increased entry of 268 Store Cattle, sold to a full ringside with new buyers in attendance. It was a strong trade throughout the sale with some buyers going home not filling requirements. Top price today was £1390 for a Charolais Bullock from RH Dodgson, Kilburn House. Overall Bullocks averaged £1000 and Heifers averaged £914.


A reduced entry of Cast Cows forward today, with an overall average of 116.7p/kg. Top price cow was for a British Blue from ST Birkett, Hall Croft Barn selling to £1423.75 and 179.5p/kg for a Montbeliarde from GA Haston, Lane House.

There were 67 Young Calves and Stirks this morning. It was our July Show and Sale today and there was a great turnout of calves put in front of our judge Mr Andrew Allen. Auctioneer Willie Paterson personally thanked all the consignors for the tremendous show of calves put before the Judge. Andrew placed the Overall Champion rosette to a British Blue Bull Calf from Wallbanks Farm LTD, Tills Farm, Over Wyresdale which sold to £380.
A small entry of Stirks today, top price was £480 for a British Blue Heifer from R Escolme, Ivy Barn.

1ST Lot 434 Wallbank Farm
2rd Lot 432 Wallbank Farm
3rd Lot 591 T &CM Kelsall &Son
1st Lot 408 A &E Barnes
2nd Lot 423 R T Halhead
3rd Lot 435 Wallbank Farms
1st Lot 431 Wallbank Farm
2nd Lot 438 Wallbank Farm
3rd Lot 436 Wallbank Farm


Top Prices:
STORE BULLOCKS: FRI: £1040 Benson Hall; £1020 Brantbeck Farm. ANG: £1370 Cock Hall Farm; £1300 Parkside Farm. SLR: £1150 Cock Hall Farm. WB: £860 Shepherds Hill. LIM: 1380 Kilburn House; £1340 Weavers Farm. OTHER: £940 Cock Hall Farm. CHAR: £1390 Kilburn House. HERE: £1280 Boundary House; £1270 Green Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1340 Parkside Farm; £1270 Greenlands Farm. MON: £1190 Longmoor Lane; £1090 Church Farm. BLO: £1120 Hawkrigg End.

STORE HEIFERS : FRI: £950 Greenalls Farm; £730 Kimberley Avenue; £610 Higher Brundhurst Farm. ANG: £1080 Moss Veiw: £1060 Kimberley Avenue; £1040 Cragg Farm. LIM: £1100 Moss View; £1060 Kimberley Avenue. HERE: £1080 Hill Top.

CAST COWS: FRI: 164.5 Throstle Nest Farm; 144.5 Bowsber Farm; 144.5 Bensons Hall. ANG: 117.5 Lickhurst Farm. LIM: 147.5 Shepherds Hill; 141.5 Kays Farm. CHAR: 144.5 Lickhurst Farm. HERE: 119.5 Home Barn. SIM: 117.5 Throstle Nest Farm. MON: 179.5 Lane House.

CAST HEIFER: FRI: 149.5 Grindlestone House; 119.5 Kiln Hall. HERE: 134.5 Boundary House; 129.5 Scar Close. BRIT BLUE: 181.5 Kendal Hill.

CAST STEER: FRI: 134.5 Kimberley Avenue. LIM: 154.5 Lickhurst Farm. HERE: 139.5 Boundary House.

CAST BULL: SIM: 114.5 Kate Farm.

BULL CALVES : BRIT BLUE: £440 Chapel House; £430 Tills Farm. CONT £395 Boldens; £380 Tills Farm. BRB: £375 Norbreck Farm. AA: £355 Brown Brook; £345 Lower Langthwaite: SIMMENTAL £345 Scotchergill. FRIESIAN:£180,£145 Tills;  AYR: £95 Scotchergill.

HEIFER CALVES :BRIT BLUE: £380 Chapel House; £345 Brackenfold. BRB: £315 Norbreck; £290 Norbreck. AA: £355 Brown Brook; £305 Langthwaite; £290 Tills Farm. LIM: £275 Scotchergill

BULLOCK STIRKS: AA: £450,£392 Higher Brundhurst. MONT: £265 Higher Brundhurst. HOLSTEIN: £185 Higher Brundhurst

HEIFER STIRKS: AA £385 & £315 Higher Brundhurst. BRITISH BLUE: £480 Spot House

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