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Lancaster Friday 22nd July

Posted Friday, 22 July 2016, 6.45pm

The weekly sale of Store Cattle had 251 forward this morning. A strong trade saw the sale top at £1430 for a Aberdeen Angus Bullock from JH Davies, Weavers Farm. Bullocks overall averaged £933 with heifers averaging £1038.77

An entry of 77 cast cows forward this morning. Top price was 159.5p/kg Charolais Heifer from F & IM Potter, Lambrigg Park Farm, and £1046.76 for a Friesian Bull from JM Capstick, Brantbeck. Friesian cows overall averaged 103.5p/kg topping at 144.5p/kg again from JM Capstick, Brantbeck. Cast cows overall averaged 107.5p/kg.

A smaller show of Calves this morning with 32 forward. Limousin Bull Calves topped at £395 from DJ Townley, Whinney Carr Farm with others at £360 from the same home. British Blue Bull calves topped at £370 from RT Halhead, Norbreck Farm. Only three Heifer Calves this morning topped at £310 from DJ Townley, Whinney Carr Farm. A few Stirks forward with a good trade topping at £675 from GE & JA Hayhurst. The monthly stirk sale is next Friday 29th, starting at 9.45am. Entries to the office of Ian Atkinson 07766521472 for cataloguing.

532 Breeding Sheep forward today for our Annual Early Lambing Production sale.
It was a straight trade for all classes of sheep with 96% of all the sheep in today getting sold. Top price was £132 for a pen of Mule Gimmer Shearlings from M & YS Barker, Halton Park. Next sale of Early Breeding Sheep at J36 Rural Auction Centre next Thursday 29th July, sale to start 11am.

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1430 Weavers Farm; £1330 Parkside Farm; £1300 Church Street.CH: £1400 Kilburn House; £1170 Black Bull; £1140 Old Woodhouse. LIM: £1360 Kilburn House; £1340 The Grange; £1290 Godson House Farm. SIM: £1300 Godson House Farm; £1240 Rye Close; £1140 Old Woodhouse. BRB: £1280 Rye Close; £1250 The Grange; £1250 Bensons Farm. FR: £1140 Black Bull Farm; £1120 The Grange; £1020 Bensons Farm. SHO: £1120 The Bungalow. WB: £900 The Bungalow.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1170 Greenways Farm; £1160 Rowell Farm; £1120 Isle Of Syke; £1100 Windy Hill Farm. LIM: £1170 Church Street; £1160 Rowell Farm; £1060 Croppers Farm. HE: £1090 Hill Top. BRB: £1080 Hawkrigg End; £1060 King Bank Farm; £1010 Kendal Hill. CH: £1040 King Bank Farm. SIM: £1010 King Bank Farm.

CAST COWS – SHO: 151.5 Cabus Nook Farm. HE: 144.5 Boundary House. FR: 144.5 Brantbeck; 141.5 High Snab; 139.5 Cumming Carr Farm. BRB: 137.5 Mireside Farm. CH: 129.5 Lambrigg Park Farm. SIM: 119.5 Mireside Farm. LIM: 104.5 Dunkenshaw Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – CH: 159.5 Lambrigg Park Farm.
CAST STEERS –FR: 134.5 Buck Bank Farm.

HEIFER CALF – LIM: £310 Whinney Carr Farm. AA: £295 Tills Farm. BRB: £180 Norbreck Farm.
BULL CALF – LIM: £395 Whinney Carr Farm. BRB: £370 Norbreck Farm. AA: £310 Cocker House Farm; £275 Tunstall Hall. MON: £220 Hatters Farm. FR: £162 Tunstall Hall; £110 Tills Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – LIM: £655 Brunstow.
BULLOCK STIRK – LIM: £675 Brunstow.

BREEDING EWES – MULE: £115 Bibbys Farm; £112 Preston Patrick; £108 Holme House Farm TEX: £110 Bibbys Farm; £105 Cooper House. SUFF: £105 Bibbys Farm; £100 Red Lodge.
GIMMER SHEARLINGS – MULE: £132 Halton Park Farm; £128 Guides Farm; £120 Preston Patrick. SUFF: £126 Whitfield Cross; £100 Wyre Farm. CHEV: £118 Moss End Farm. TEX: £116 Herdmans House. BEL: £108 Wyre Farm.

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