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Lancaster Friday 1st July

Posted Friday, 01 July 2016, 4.16pm

Beef Breeding
A dispersal sale of Cows and Calves from The Isle of Man started the sale today, an entry of 30 from the Island saw good young outfits sell to £1200 for a Simmental Cow with Simmental Heifer calf at foot. Older cows and calves looked reasonable value. A Blue Heifer and Simmental Bull calf from E Parker, Crag Bank topped the sale, realising £1280.
There is another consignment of cows and calves form the Isle of Man towards the end of July. Buyers, please note that the change of passports to UK passports is free and can be done through the Auction.

Store Cattle
A good number of stores forward, with 243 selling to a full ringside of buyers, all vendors left suited with the prices achieved. A good show of cattle on the whole, topping at £1320 from Joe Davis, Cabus with a 27month Angus Bullock. Best bullocks up and over £1200, with Heifers selling to £1150 for a pair of Charolais from W & J Parkinson, Garstang.

Cast Cows
Another big show of cast cows with 116 forward. Quality cows with meat in demand, with plainer cows slightly less but still in keeping with other local centres. Topping the trade was a Charolais Heifer from EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet, realising 184.5ppk. Top gross came from A & P Hodgkinson with a Blue Cow totalling £1132. Diary breeds saw heifers sell to 149.5ppk from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet and Cows to 129.5ppk from E Lund & Son, Ingleton.

Rearing Calves
An entry of 36 sold to a fast trade throughout, beef calves regularly in the mid to late £300, topping with a Charolais Bull at 8weeks realising £470 from GH Sanderson & Family. Native bred calves to £320 for Angus Bulls from Kelsall & Wood and Wallbank Farms. Black and Whites to £155 for a 10week old from J & A Sheerin, Quernmore, others to £150 from Drinkall Bros. Best black and whites £100+ with younger rearing calves £70-£92. Dairy calves averaged £76/head.
Please note next week there is a Show for Calves under 56days, Beef Bull, Beef Heifer, Dairy Bull.

Top prices
STORE BULLOCKS: ANG: £1320 Weavers Farm; £1300 Longlands Farm. LIM: £1250 Intack Farm, £1240 Mount Pleasant Farm. BRB: £1290 Pasture House Farm, £1230 Betts Farm. CHAR: £1250 Longlands Farm, £1190 New House Farm. SIM: £1180 Cock Hall Farm, £1080 Hawkrigg End. HERE: £1140 Hill Top, £1060 Guides Farm. STAB: £1050 Cock Hall Farm. MONT: £1050 Cock Hall Farm, £1050 Hawkrigg End. MRI: £1020 Cock Hall Farm. FRI: £940 Billinge Hall Farm, £900 Downlands Farm. SRW: £840 Middle Ridge Farm.

STORE HEIFERS: CHAR: £1150 Cross House Farm, £1080 New House Farm. LIM: £1130 High House Farm, £1130 Cross House Farm. ANG: £1120 Bank Field Farm, £1100 Betts Farm. BRB: £1090 Cross House Farm, £1080 Bouthwaite Farm. BAZ: £1060 Greenways Farm. BS: £1040 Lambrigg Head. MONT: £1020 Betts Farm. HERE: £810 Snapewood Farm.

OTM COW: LIM: 179.5 Nether Hall Farm, 149.5 Nether Hall Farm 141.5 Dubside. MONT: 141.5 Lane House, 141.5 Newhouse Farm. HERE: 124.5 Boundary House, 121.5 Barbon Fell House. BRB: 124.5 Beckside, 124.5 Bank Field Farm, 121.5 Cross Farm. FRI: 129.5 Lundholme Farm, 124.5 North Farm, 119.5 Lambrigg Head. ANG: 119.5 Intack Farm, 117.5 Cringleber. SHO: 114.5 School House. SLR: 114.5 Braida Garth. MRI: 117.5 Village Farm. CHAR: 114.5 Beckside.

OTM HEIFER: CHAR: 184.5 Intack Farm. MON: 169.5 Lane House. FRI: 149.5 Lane Ends Farm, 144.5 Netherbeck Barn, 137.5 Lawsons Farm.

OTM STEER: FRI: 107.5 Sykes Farm.

OTM BULL: ANG 137.5 Tills Farm, 111.5 Sowerby Lodge. SLR: 109.5 Braida Garth.

Bull Calf: CHAR: £470 Blackleach House Farm. SIM: £360 Sellerley Farm, BRB: £340 Lower Langthwaite Farm, £230 Sellerley Farm. ANG: £320 Lower Langthwaite, £320 Tills Farm. HERE: £225 Sellerley Farm. FRI: £155 Knotts Farm, £150 Cashaw Hall Farm, £108 Blackleach House Farm.

Heifer Calf: SIM: £360 Sellerley Farm, £290 Lower Langthwaite Farm. ANG: £290, £230 Lower Langthwaite Farm. BRB: £225, £220 Norbreck Farm.

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