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J36 Thursday 28th July 2016

Posted Thursday, 28 July 2016, 5.47pm


The weekly sale of Calves and Stirks had an entry of 39 forward. All the calves but one where Black and Whites. A good British Blue bull calf sold to £355 from HJ Robinson of Elm Tree Farm. A very young entry of Black and Whites once again at J36 where very well sold with vendors chuffed with their trade and plenty of buyers around the ring looking for black and whites. Strong month old rearing types of black and white bulls selling in excess of £70. Just a handful of Ayrshire Stirks in sold to £230. Vendors are asked to inform Ian of entries on 07766521472 so buyers can be informed. Beef calves of all ages and sizes wanted and selling to a premium in the livestock auction.

Breeding Sheep

The first early production breeding sheep sale at J36 auction centre had an entry of 200 forward. A busy ring of buyers, with many watching the trade in preparation for the sheep sale season. Mule gimmer shearlings twice sold to £130 twice from EI, EA & TW Wilson of Guides Farm. Highlander x New Zealand Suffolk shearlings sold to £115 from BD Willison & Son of Cinderbarrow Farm. Three and four crop Rough Fell Mule ewes sold to £80 from W Pinder of Longstripes.

Store Lambs

There was 929 Store Lambs forward this morning. Considering the Prime Lamb trade dropping this week, store lambs continued to be a great trade. A very ringside of buyers looking to purchase short and long keep lambs. The overall market average was £58.77 up £6.44 on last fortnight’s sale and a fantastic average for the type of lambs forward. The day’s top price was a pen of 5 Charollais lambs from EI,EA & TW Wilson, Guides Farm. Better Continental and Suffolk lambs sold between £63 and £66 regularly. A few runs of Mules forward today regularly sold in the mid-fifties topping at £66 with mules being better than other local markets.

Top Prices

LL CALBUF – FR: £92 Far Audlands; £85 Strickland Hill; £80 Swarthmoor Hall Farm.
BULL CALVES – AY: £230 High Carlingill.
STORE LAMBS – CH: £75 Guides Farm; £62.50 Claife Ave; £59 Grandy Close. TEX: £72 Mouse Syke; £66 High Borrowbridge; £66 Riverside House. SUFF: £71.50 Middle Lee Farm; £63.50 Grate Farm; £62.50 Guides Farm. MULE: £70 Low Newton Farm; £65 Mouse Syke; £56.50 Ashstead. CONT: £69 Guides Farm; £55 Winter Tarn. CHEV: £59.50 Poole Bank Farm; £46 Swinside Farm.
BREEDING SHEEP – MULE: £130 Guides Farm; £115 Cinderbarrow Farm; £90 Moss House Farm. CH: £110 Cinderbarrow Farm; £85 Moss House Farm. CHEV: £100 Castle How. LLYEN: £91 Castle How. SUFF: £75 Castle How; £70 Grandy Close.

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