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Lancaster Friday 24th June

Posted Friday, 24 June 2016, 3.29pm

New Record set at NWA Lancaster Stirk Sale

Store Cattle

A mixed show of 203 store cattle forward this morning, anything with finish and quality beasts sold to a flying trade, with plenty of pens in excess of £1200, topping at £1280 for a pair of 23month old Blue bullocks from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling. Friesian stores a faster trade than seen in previous weeks, topping at £1060 for a single from Dave Swarbrick of Out Rawcliffe. A number of cattle lacking finish, however all sold to their full value on the day. Bullocks averaged £1010 with Heifers averaging £985.

Cast Cows

A good trade for cast cows and OTMs with a poorer show forward. Beef cows sold to 179.5ppk for a Limousin from EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet or a top gross of £1121 for a Charolais cow from JD & EM Brown, Scorton. Dairy cows saw a top call of 141.5ppk or £935 from Cowell and Moore, best Friesian cows of 119ppk with the next bracket 104-117ppk to average 104ppk.

Stirks and Rearing Calves

A bustling morning in the stirk ring with buyers very eager to secure grazing cattle. Phillip Wood of Scotforth has set a new record in the stirk ring, with a pair of Blue Heifers selling to £820 at 9months old, closely followed by John Atkinson of Warton with a trio of Blue Heifers acheiving £810 at 7-8months. Bullocks were equally as a good to sell with Linda Dawson’s smart Angus realising £770, John and Andrew Metcalf, Quernmore sold Charolais to £735. Black and Whites a chunk dearer, with 10month old bullocks from Graham and James Hayhurst realising £500. As popularity increases, vendors are strongly recommended to consider marketing stirks at Lancaster at the monthly stirk sale.

Rearing calves sold well, with Blues from Phillip Halhead selling to £410 for a nice bull, a pedigree Blue Heifer calf also realised the same money. Wallbank Farms had a very nice Angus bull which again realised £410, the same home sold Friesian calves to £120. After a frantic morning Ben Towers of Tunstall showed some nice calves, black and whites to £98 and £115 and Angus Bulls to £340.

Top Prices

STEER STORE: FRI: £1060 Bensons Farm; £960 Downlands Farm. ANG: £1240 Middle Grange; £1240 Church Street; £1230 Spital Farm. LIM: £1200 Dowlands Farm; £1170 Cock Hall. CHAR: £1260 Intack Farm; £1150 Cock Hall. HERE: £1260 Billinge Hall; £1160 Hill Top; £1160 Intack Farm. SIM: £1240 Rye Close; £1050 Greensway Farm; £880 Summerlands. STAB: £1160 Cock Hall. BRIT BLUE: £1280 Pasture House; £1240 Godson House; £1220 Bensons Farm. MON: £1100 Forton Bank; £900 Middle Ridge.
HEIFER STORE: FRI: £900 Higher Stuttling Feilds. ANG: £1040 Kendal Hill; £1040 Green Lane. WB: £1020 Kimberley Avenue. LIM: £1160 Newsham Hall; £1130 Intack Farm; £1130 Church Street. CHAR: £1050 Cross House. HERE: £960 Moss Head; £820 Gardners Farm; £800 Singleton Grange. BRIT BLUE: £1120 Bouthwaite Farm; £1120 Hill Top; £1100 High Underbrow.
STORE BULL: ANG: £920 Cumming Carr; £730 Steel Croft. LIM: £980 High Underbrow. BRIT BLUE: £1110 Underbrow. MON: £800 Cumming Carr.

CAST COW: FRI: 141.5 Newsham Hall; 134.5 Netherbeck Barn; 127.5 Pain Hill. ANG: 127.5 Abbey Manor. GAL: 107.5 Ghyll Beck Farm. LIM: 179.5 Intack Farm; 144.5 St Annes Farm; 141.5 Abbey Manor. CHAR: 134.5 Salisbury Farm. HERE: 127.5 Abbey Manor; 119.5 Lane Farm. SIM: 129.5 Manor House. BRIT BLUE: 129.5 Abbey Manor. BLO: 119.5 Braida Garth. BB: 124.5 Dunkenshaw.
CAST HEIFER: FRI: 117.5 Catshaw Hall; 104.5 Gardners Farm. LIM: 154.5 Lower Copthurst Farm.

BULL STIRK: BRIT BLUE: £760 Lower Langthwaite. ANG: £500 The Lodge; £470 Hallbeck; £275 The Lodge. FRI: £350 Hallbeck.
STEER STRIK: ANG: £770 Upper Greenbank. LIM: £695 Barrow Greaves Farm. CHAR: £735 Hare Apple Tree. BRIT BLUE: £620 Hare Apple Tree. FRI: £500 Brunstow.
HEIFER STIRK: BRIT BLUE: £820 Lower Langthwaite; £810 Boon Town Farm. SIM: £720 Boon Town. ANG: £305 Pump House; £280 The Lodge.
HIEFER CALF: BRIT BLUE: £410 Norbreck Farm. ANG: £280 Tunstall Hall, £200 High Greg Hall.
BULL CALF: BRIT BLUE: £410 Norbreck Farm. ANG: £410 Tills Farm; £340 Tunstall Hall. LIM: £240 The Lodge. FRI: £120 Tills Farm; £115 Tunstall Hall.

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