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J36 Tuesday 7th June 2016

Posted Tuesday, 07 June 2016, 10.08am


There were a total of 56 Ewes with lambs at foot. With less buyers around the ring, due to the nice weather and silage making today, the sheep and lambs still sold well. The top price was £150 for 7 Continental Ewes with 14 Tex x lambs at foot from W S Potter & Son, Stoney Gill.

Other Leading Prices:
Texel Ewes with twin Continental Lambs: £140 Sturdy Bank. Texel Ewes with single Texel lambs: £120 Mid Town. Mule Hoggs with single lambs: £130 (x 2), £129 Dillicar.


There was 1287 Prime Lambs and Hoggs forward today. Overall average for lambs was 194.7p/kg. Top price was £108 for a Suffolk lamb weighing 57 kg from W T Whitaker & Sons, Lane Ends. Top price per kilo was 244p for a pen of 39 kg Texels from A E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm.

Top Prices:
Prime Lambs: Suff: £108 Lane Ends Farm; £105 High House Farm; £104 Crook o Lune; £97 Cracalt. Tex: £103 Moss End Farm; £102 Red Scar; £95 Stubb Farm; £94 Town End. Belt: £102, £100, £91, £80 Poppy Farm. Hamp: £82.50, £78 Endmoor Farm. Char: £72 Warth Sutton. Dors: £71 Warth Sutton; £70 Tree Tops. Mule: £70 Moss Howe Farm.


In the Prime Hogget section, sheep with flesh sold really well.  Top price was 196.9p for 32 kg Texel Hoggs from M & L Preece, High House. Overall average 142.1p

Top Prices:
Prime Hoggs: Tex: £75 High Hollins; £68, £67 Hodgson Green Farm; £68 High Swinklebank. Suff: £75 Hodgson Green Farm; £57 Hampsfield Hall. Cont: £75 Bank House. Char: £73 Hall Bank. Chev: £72 Hall Bank. Mule: £69 Low Stennerley; £68 Overhouses; £68 High House Farm; £65 Moss Head. Swale: £69 High House Farm; £68, £66 Little Eccleston Hall; £64 Grayrigg Hall. Herd: £69 Hodgsons Green Farm, Little Eccleston Hall. Leic: £68, £62 Kit Cragt. RFell: £44 High Swinklebank. Hrnd: £42, £36 Moss End Farm. Mash: £47 High Swinklebank.


Over 380 sheep forward today, topping at £99 for a pen of 5 Beltex Ewes from Helen Newton, Low Levens. The edge just off the heaviest sheep today, however leaner ewes sold to a fast trade, buyers are still cautious of over-fat ewes. Best Mules in-line with other local centres, £70-£80, topping at £84. Swales and Roughs to £60 from RS Harker & Son, Grayrigg and JF Cook, Moss Howe.

Top Prices:
Cast Sheep: Belt: £99 Low Levens; £86 Stubb Farm. Tex: £96 Red Lodge; £91 Hall Croft Barn; £90 Endmoor Farm; £89 Hodgson Green Farm. Suff: £90 Sturdy Bank; £82 Low Levens; £80 Moss Side. Chev: £89 Orchard House; £83 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £77 Underley Estate. Leic: £85, £84 Moss Howe Farm; £79 Grayrigg Hall; £70 Kit Crag. Mule: £84 Town End; £81 Hodgson Green Farm, Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £80 Orchard House. Zwart: £83 Penrose Cottage. Mash: £80 High Swinklebank. Dales: £70 High Hollins. Herd: £69 High House Farm; £49 Dale House Farm. Hamp: Swale: £60 Grayrigg Hall; £58 Kit Crag; £52 Archer Hill. Dors: £60 Moss End Farm. RFell: £60 Moss Howe Farm; £50 High Swinklebank. Char: £60 Yealand Manor.

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