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J36 Tuesday 28th June 2016

Posted Tuesday, 28 June 2016, 5.44pm


Prime Pigs sold to another good trade at J36, with the best heavy pigs up and over £120, topping at £148 for 124kg Gilt from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Top price per kilo, came from the same home, again for gilts at 122ppk. Butcher buyers looking for lighter weight shop pigs, in the 75-85kg bracket.


The weekly sale of prime lambs had a larger entry of lambs forward with 1,362 going under the gavel with a market average of 188ppk. Not as a good quality show of lambs forward as the previous week. Beltex and 3/4 bred lambs sold to 200ppk topping at 224ppk from GH Bell of Red Lodge. Heavy weight lambs in strong demand selling around 190ppk topping at £100 for 51kg Charollais lambs from WS Burrow & Sons of Gilbraltar Farm. Suffolk lambs saw better types sell well into the 190's with Suffolk lambs averaging 185ppk. First Mule lambs in the auction today saw 36kg Mule lambs sell to £60.

Top Prices: Char: £100, £96, £92 Gibraltar Farm. Suff: £98, £92 Broomfield; £97.50 Braida Garth; £95 Hill Park. Tex: £98 Red Scar; £90 Smithy Green Farm, School Hill, The Coach House. Belt: £83 Red Lodge; £76.50 Stubb Farm. Hamp: £76 Endmoor Farm. Dors: £75, £70 Warth Sutton Farm; £70 School Hill. Mule: £60 Sykes Farm, Strickland Hill.


An entry of just over 100 hoggs forward today were eagerly bid for averaging 142ppk. Well-fleshed hoggs in strong demand with fleshed hoggs selling into the late sixties topping at £72 from Simon Woods of Causeway farm. Any hoggs remaining will be wanted for next weeks sale for end of the festival.

Top Prices: Tex: £72 Causeway Farm; £66 Old Croft; £65.50 The Galleon. Herd: £66.50 The Galleon; £60, £57, £56 Little Ecclestone Hall Cottage. Belt: £66 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Chev: £65 Little Ecclestone Hall Cottage. Mule: £59.50, £50 Helm Croft. Suff: £59 Little Ecclestone Hall Cottage. Swale: £57 Little Ecclestone Hall Cottage, Birkwray; £54.50 Burton Hill. Wood: £55, £54 Keerfalls Forest Farm. RghFell: £50, £47 Helm Croft. Leic: £48 Cragg End.


A big entry of sheep at J36 with 706 forward, trade remained strong from start to finish, with buyers wanting ewes for the Festival. Mules similar on the week, topping at £80 from J Bell, Wennington with a pen of 5, best sorts £75 and over, with leaner sheep dearer than the fat. Continental sheep topped at £115 from MS Blease with a Texel ewe, best continental ewes £90-107 with the next draw in the mid 80's. Hill sheep saw Swales sell to £72 for a pen of 7 ewes from WI & AM Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale and also Calderside Farm with a pair at the same price, fittest Swales £63+ with smaller, leaner sorts, £49-£56. Roughs to £73 from JE Wightman, Crabbtree. All vendors left pleased with their trade and an overall average of £63 was achieved for all ewes forward.

Top Prices: Tex: £115 The Barn; £107 Trees Farm, Stonethwaite Farm; £99 Silverhow Farm. Suff: £111, £99, £86 Ackenthwaite Farm; £89 Harbarrow Farm. Leic: £106 Barrowfield; £93 Low Newton Farm; £82 Cragg End; £80 Holme House Farm. Chev: £95, £88 Low Newton Farm; £86 Green Lane End; £84 Cobble Hey Farm. Zwart: £95, £76, £75 Silverhow Farm. Char: £87 Millbeck Bungalow; £58 Low Newton Farm. Mash: £81, £76 Cobble Hey Farm. Mule: £80 Bull Bank Farm; £79 Woodside, Hollins Farm; £78 Stonethwaite Farm. Dors: £75, £74 High Biggarsbank. RghFell: £73, £55 Crabtree Farm; £69 High Borrowbridge. Swale: £72 Oakenclough, Holme House Farm; £68 Sykes Farm; £67 Strickland Hill.

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