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J36 Tuesday 21st June 2016

Posted Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 11.06am


A strong trade for Prime Lambs, selling in excess of many local markets on the day, averaging 195ppk. A busy ring of buyers all eager to purchase sheep, with more could have easily been sold to vendor’s advantage. Better quality continental lambs in excess of 200ppk, with butcher types selling in excess 220ppk topping at 241ppk or £106 from DM & D Cook of Smithy Green.

Top Prices: Suff: £106, £95 Smithy Green Farm; £99 Crabtree Farm; £90 Low Brundrigg. Char: £101 Brown Edge; £86, £85 Myers Farm. Tex: £98 Helm Croft; £94.50 Spital Farm; £92 Old Croft; £91 School Hill, Smithy Green, Helm Croft. Chev: £86, £78.50 Silverhow Farm. Belt £79 School Hill. Dors: £76 Beckside Barn.


An entry of just shy of 200 Prime Hoggs forward sold to a strong trade for the time of year. Well fleshed hoggs easily sold, selling to a top of £71, regularly selling between 140ppk and 150ppk.

Top Prices: Lleyn: £71, £66 Penrose Cottage. SBF: £70, £60 Deep Clough. Swale: £70 Moss House Farm; £45 Higher Salter. Suff: £60, £53 Dub Howe Farm. Mule: £60 Overhouses; £46 Low Carlingill; £44 Dub Howe Farm. Herd: £68, £60 Silverhow Farm. Tex: £65.50, £56 Mansergh High Farm; £64, £59.50 Haveriggs Farm. Char: £62.50, £54 Myers Farm. RFell: £50.50, £50 Low Carlingill.


A very strong Cast Ewe trade with vendors leaving more than chuffed with their trade, with the only downside being a shortage of number with just over 200 forward. Continental and Suffolk ewes easily selling into the nineties and topping at £100, from GH Bell of Red Lodge. Charollais tups topped at £109 from F & SA Edmondson of Nether House Farm. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £72 from the Inman Family of Strickland Hill. Lean ewes and plain ewes very good to sell with more sheep required week on week to meet the demand of the upcoming festival.

Top Prices: Char: £109 Netherhouses Farm; £69 Moss House Farm. Tex: £100 Red Lodge; £99 Strickland Hill, Braida Garth; £96 Old Croft. Suff: £98 Smithy Green Farm; £88 Nether Houses Farm; £75 Low Stangerthwaite. Leic: £93 Oak Tree Farm. Belt: £86 Silverhow Farm. Mule: £80 Downlands Farm; £79 Strickland Hill; £78 Old Croft. Dors: £74 Beckside Farm. Chev: £78, £58 Green Lane End. RFell: £72 Crabtree Farm; £57 The Syke. Swale: £72 Strickland Hill; £59 Borwick Fold Farm. Herd: £60 Borwick Fold Farm; £49 Moss End Farm.

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