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J36 Tuesday 14th June 2016

Posted Tuesday, 14 June 2016, 7.58pm


The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot saw a smaller entry as the season comes to an end and many consignors finishing their runs of sheep. WS Potter & Son of Stoney Gill sold ewes with twin lambs to £140 twice and £135.


The national average has been on a slide since yesterday morning and continued with the downward trend as the day has gone on. Many meat companies expressing very little interest in spring lambs. Best quality Butchers lambs sold in excess 200ppk. They topped at 225ppk from TL & S Cross of Trees Farm for a couple of smart Beltex lambs selling to £97. Top gross of the day of £105 from James Robinson of Kaker Mill Texels with a pair of 53kg Texels.

Top Prices: Tex: £105 Holme Park; £97 Trees Farm; £87 Carlingwha; £86.50 Beaumont Grange Farm. Suff: £85.50 High House Farm; £84 Lane Ends Farm; £83.50 Hill Top; £78 Raw Head. Belt: £81.50 Stubb Farm. Char: £70, £69.50, £68, £64.50 Floraire. Hamp: £70 Ashstead; £68, £65.50 Endmoor Farm. Dors: £66 High Biggarsbank; £62.50, £62 Yeland Manor. Zwart: £65 Crosscrake Farm.


The smallest entry of prime hoggs forward so far this year. Well fleshed hoggs selling between 140ppk and 150ppk. Trade topped at £69 from A & CM Carter of Black Bull farm with Texel Hoggs.

Top Prices: Tex: £69 Black Bull Farm; £68, £64 Garnett House. Char: £64 Marsh House Farm. Mule: £64 Low Carlingill. Mash: £63.50 Mosergh Farm. Chev: £59.50 Hall Bank. Swale: £46, £41 Black Bull Farm. RFell: £42 Low Haygarth Farm. Dors: £38 Marsh House Farm.


A lesser entry with 208 forward. Charollais to £101 from PW Rhodes Ltd, Beltex to £96 from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor. Mules sold between £76 and £71 for the best, with lesser sorts in the mid to late £60's. Roughs to £67 from AJ & CM Harrison, Kentmere. An overall average of £66, reflective of the quality forward. More sheep could be sold to vendors advantage at J36.

Top Prices: Char: £101 Floraire; £90 Kirket Nook; £85 Orphan Crag, Trees Farm. Belt: £96 Stubb Farm. Tex: £84 Holme Park; £80 High Foulshaw Farm. Chev: £88 Green Head; £80 Green Lane End; £67, £65 Skiddaw View. Suff: £85 Ashste £81 Red Lodge. Dales: £79 Botton Hall Farm. Mule: £76 Cragg House Farm, Botton Hall; £74 Carlingwha; £71 Birds Park Farm. Leic: £75 The Park; £70 Marsh House Farm; £54 Orphan Crag Barn. Dors: £74 High Biggarsbank. RFell: £67, £56 Boundary Beck; £66 Low Carlingill, High Borrowbridge. Herd: £58, £42 Moss End Farm. Swale: £53 Rye Close; £31 Ashstead.


The monthly sale of pigs saw an entry of 108 prime, store and weaners. Prime pigs sold to a fast trade throughout, plenty of pens up and over £100, with the best in advance of £130, topping at £158 for a pair of Saddleback Gilts from M Hill. An average of 107ppk for all prime pigs. Store pigs and weaners a bit harder to place in comparison to last month, with stores to £68 from S Riddell, Ulverston.

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