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Lancaster Monday 23rd May

Posted Monday, 23 May 2016, 4.31pm

Prime Stock & Breeding Sheep at Lancaster

Spring Lambs
The weekly sale of spring lambs saw over 350 forward this week with more buyers swapping from hoggs to spring lambs. Trade topped at £93 for heavy weight lambs from S Wilson and Son of Burrow Heights Farm. The slipped as the week went on last week with many vendors being £4 to £6 less than last week.

Prime Hoggs
An entry of 200 prime hoggs forward today, trade very dependent upon quality and finish of the hoggs. Heavy weight hoggs sold to late eighties and topped at £94 from JM Sanderson of Low Highfield. In general well fleshed hoggs sold around 160ppk.

Cast Ewes
A better entry, with 95 forward, all achieving their full value and more. Biggest Mules £74-£80, topping at £85 from HJ & BE Kelsall, Gressingham. Texels and Continental sheep, easy to place, with £111 being the top price of the day for a Charollais Ewe from AG Stafford, Out Rawcliffe. Texels to £105 from JM Sanderson, Halton with the best sorts in excess of £90. An average of £74 for all forward.

Breeding Sheep
An entry of Mule hoggs forward today sold between £135 and £145 a family. Trade topped at £145 from RG & H Preece of Thornbush.

Prime Cattle
A prime Hereford bull from Peter and Ann Bell of Village farm sold to 179.5ppk or £1,069. More prime cattle required week on week.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – TEX: £93 Burrow Heights Farm; £80 Tarnwater Farm; £80 Cock Hall Farm. SUFF: £80 Gibsons Farm; £78 Highfield Farm; £72.50 Old Glasson. CH: £75 Burrow Heights Farm; £72 Springfield Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £94 Lower Highfield; £76 Low Kit Brow; £75 Gibsons Farm. CONT: £86 Blackleach House Farm. SUFF: £83 Blackleach House Farm; £76 Walnut Tree; £66 Medlar Hall Farm. MASH: £76 Medlar Hall Farm. MULE: £73 Medlar Hall Farm; £60 Parks Farm Barn. SWALE: £66 Parks Farm Barn; £62 Medlar Hall Farm. HERD: £65.50 Lee End Farm. CHEV: £60 Wee Cot.
CAST SHEEP – CH: £111 Birch Croft. TEX: £105 Lower Highfield; £98 Cock Hall Farm; £93 Tarnwater Farm. LLYEN: £94 Low Pleasant. SUFF: £88 Burrow Heights Farm; £79 Walnut Tree. MULE: £85 Walnut Tree; £80 Birch Croft; £79 Bay View. CHEV: £76 Cragg Farm. MASH: £75 Low Kit Brow; £72 Stirzakers Farm; £70 Ripley St Thomas.

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