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Lancaster Friday 27th May

Posted Friday, 27 May 2016, 4.58pm


All classes of store cattle a sharper trade today, unfortunately numbers short with only 150 forward, leaving all buyers short and some not even getting off the mark. Topping the sale was PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead and J & JM Walmsley, Pilling, with Limousins and Angus’ realising £1270. Heifers sold to £1190 for a Charolais from Steve Walton of Pheonix Grain.

Cast Cows

A lesser entry following last week’s bumper entry, with 66 forward. Top gross came from Drinkall bros, Over Wyresdale with a Holstein cow totalling £1063, closely followed by D Fox & Co, Bay Horse with an 1152kg Holstein bull realising £1055. Top price per kilo of 157.5ppk for an Angus Heifer from R Oldfield. Dairy cows to 129.5ppk from GB & EA Metcalf & Son, Mansergh.

Stirks & Rearing Calves

The Monthly Stirk sale saw another good entry, with 91 forward. Best stirks sold well, with anything out of specification hard to place. Topping the sale was JR & J Gorst, Quernmore with a Blue Heifer selling to £705. J & CW Metcalfe & Son, Quernmore, sold Charolais Bullocks to £665 and Blues to £660. Best Angus’ good to sell, with M & E Forshaw & Son, Longridge realising £570 for a pair of bullocks at 6months. Best sorts of Black and Whites saw a trio of bulls at 3months from Kelsall & Wood, Scotforth sell to £235 and four 8 month Bullocks from J & CW Metcalfe & Son to £460.

In the calf section, top call was £410 for a 7week Blue Bull from David & Eileen Wallbank, with another from JE & J Pye & Son at £360. A run of young beef calves from Eddy and Angie Newsham sold to £250 for Simmental Bulls at only 9-11days old! Black and whites sold to £110 again from Wallbank Farms.

Top Prices

STEER STORES: FRI: £860 Cockrigg; £810 Betts Farm; £800 Old Glasson Farm. ANG: £1270 Staffords Farm; £1180 Cragg Farm; £1170 Staffords Farm. WB: £1100 Windy Hill. LIM: £1270 Lentworth; £1250 Whelpside Farm; £1240 Fortdales Farm. OTHER: £810 Wayside Farm. HERE: £750 Millstones. SIM: £1090 Hazelslack Tower. BRIT BLUE: £1210 Hawkrigg End; £1190 Hazelslack Tower; £1140 Kays Farm. MON: £1090 Old Glasson. BLO: £680 Marl House.
HEIFER STORES: FRI: £910 New Ashley. ANG: £1060 Brow Foot; £1060 Kays Farm; £1050 Bouthwaite Farm. SHO: £1100 Staffords Farm. £1050 Bouthwaite. LIM: £1190 Foresdales Farm; £1120 Cragg Farm; £1090 Staffords Farm. CHAR: £1190 New House. HERE: £880 Bouthwaite. SIM: £1080 Bouthwaite. BRIT BLUE: £1120 Bouthwaite.
STORE BULL: LIM: £430 Turfdale. OTHER: £670 Holme Head. SIM: £4301 Turfdale. BRIT BLUE: £600 Manor House. MON: £910 Cummings Carr.

OTM COW: FRI: 129.5 Holme Head; 124.5 Spital Farm; 117.5 Sandvilla. ANG: 124.5 Marl House; 117.5 Cobble Hey Farm; 109.5 Cragg Farm. LIM: 139.5 Ouzelthorn; 109.5 Braida Garth; 109.5 Little Scar. OTHER: 117.5 Holme Head. CHAR: 94.5 Marl House. SIM: 117.5 Lower Swainhead; 111.5 Waltons Farm. GEL: 100 Croft Foot. BLO: 121.5 Marl House; 117.5 Cobble Hey.
OTM HEIFER: FRI: 137.5 Holly House; 129.5 Spital Farms. ANG: 157.5 Brow Foot.
CAST BULL: FRI: 111.5 Waltons Farm. ANG: 101.5 Dingle House.

BULL STIRK: FRI: £300 Boon Town Farm. LIM: £500 Whinney Carr. HERE: £395 Redfileds. BRIT BLUE: £635 Boon Town Farm; £620 Walkers I’th Fields. MON: £580 Walkers I’th Fields. SRW: £205 Sandvilla.
HEIFER STIRK: ANG: £570 Apple Tree Farm; £390 Firtree Cottage. LIM: £505 Barrow Greaves. HERE: £450 Stirk Hey; £410 Knotts Farm. BRIT BLUE: £705 AppleTree; £380 Firtree Cottage.
STEER STIRK: FRI: £460 Hare Apple Tree. ANG: £570 Little Town Farm; £525 Knotts Farm. CHAR: £665 Hare Apple Tree. HERE: £345 Nissan Huts. BRIT BLUE: £660 Hare Apple Tree; £575 Knotts Farm.
BULL CALF: ANG: £155 Tills Farm. FRI: £110 Tills Farm. ANG: £225 Gibsons Farm; £220 Tills Farm. HERE: £240 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £250 Sellerley Farm. BRIT BLUE: £410 Tills Farm; £360 Gibsons Farm.

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