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Lancaster Friday 20th May 2016

Posted Friday, 20 May 2016, 4.11pm

Store Cattle

An entry of 263 store cattle sold to a better trade, with fresh buyers looking to buy summering cattle. A slight rise in deadweight prices helped the top end cattle, selling to a top of £1310 for two nice Charolais Bullocks from H Chapman & Son, Carnforth. Native bred cattle to £1200 for a pair of Angus Bullocks from AJ & D Knowles, New Hutton. Heifers to £1120 for Angus’ from SJ Brass, Ingleton. Nice summering bullocks and heifers generally £850-£1000.

Cast Cows

A bumper entry of 137 cast cows at Lancaster this week. A good show of cows sold to a top price of 181.5ppk from WA Hodgson, Whelp Side with a cast Limousin steer. Top gross came from the Isle of Man with a Cast Bull selling to £1270. Cows sold to 164.5ppk for a Lim Cow from T Longton & Son, Quernmore. Black and White cows to 137.5ppk from R Packham & Sons, Docker and Friesian Heifers to 127.5ppk from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale. An overall average of 109ppk for all forward, in line with other centres.

Rearing Calves

A small show of calves forward this morning, selling to a top of £400 for a Blue Bull from Kevin and Dorothy Kelsall, Bleasdale. A ringside of eager bidders led to a fast trade through out. A run of Simmental and Blue calves at 3-5weeks from Eddy and Angie Newsham, sold to a top of £320 for Blue Bulls and £300 for Simmental Bulls and Simmental Heifers at the same price. Best Black and White calves £98 from Wallbank Farms, not enough Black and White Bulls forward to meet buyers demand.

Top Prices

STEERS: FRI: £990 Low Levens; £920 Longstripes Farm; £860 Old Glasson. ANG: £1200 Windy Hill; £1180 Intack Farm; £1180 Cock Hall. SHO: £1180 Rowell Farm; £1000 Ivy Barn. CON: £700 Flodder Hall. LIM: £1290 Millbeck; £1070 Cring Leber; £1070 Cock Hall. SD: £1100 Adlington Hall. CHAR: £1310 Millbeck; £1270 Lentworth. HERE: £1100 Raw Head; £1090 Windy Hill. BRIT BLUE: £1190 Upper Foxholes; £1170 Shorrocks; £1120 Northwoods. MON: £1090 Foxholes; £1040 Barn Spout House; £1000 Northwoods Farm. FKV: £1160 Upper Foxholes. BLO: £1160 Middle Grange.

HEIFERS: FRI: £880 Fairfield; £660 Muffys Platt.ANG: £1120 Church Street; £1040 Intack; £1000 Kimberley Avenue. WB: £1020 Rowell Farm. LIM: £1100 Intack Farm; £1060 Bouthwaite Farm. CHAR: £1020 High House. HERE: £1020 Raw Head; £1000 Bouthwaite Farm. SIM: £870 Mount Murray. BRIT BLUE: £1040 High House; £1020 Hill Top; £1000 Walkers Fields. BB:£990 Mount Murray.

BULLS: ANG: £660 Longstripes. CHAR: £1130 Mount Murray.

OTM COW: FRI: 137.5 Docker Hall; 119.5 Allcocks. ANG: 144.5 Oddlands; 121.5 Mount Murray. SHO: 109.5 Deansbiggin. LIM: 164.5 Rooten Brook; 154.5 Fellside; 149.5 Mount Murray. OTHER: 119.5 Holme Head. CHAR: 144.5 Mount Murray. HERE: 139.5 Oddlands Farm; 119.5 Mount Murray. SIM: 124.5 Mount Murray; 114.5 Whinney Carr. SRW: 101.5 Sandvilla. BB: 157.5 Mount Murray.

CAST HEIFER: FRI: 127.5 Knowsley; 121.5 Lane Ends. ANG: 127.5 Broad Oak.

CAST STEER: FRI: 107.5 Low Deepslack. LIM: 181.5 Whelpside.

CAST BULL: LIM: 137.5 Mount Murray. HERE: 111.5 Mount Murray. SIM: 129.5 Mount Murray.

HEIFER CALF: LIM: £342 Barrow Greaves. SIM: £300 Sellerley Farm. BRIT BLUE: £260 Sellerley Farm.

BULL CALF: BRIT BLUE: £400 Little Blindhurst; £320 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £300 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £290 Sellerley Farm; £240 Birkland Barrow. FRI: £98 Tills Farm; £85 Little Blindhurst; £70 Tills Farm. 

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