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J36 Tuesday 17th May 2016

Posted Tuesday, 17 May 2016, 9.43am


A smaller entry this week following on from the large entry last week for the annual hogg and lamb show, with plenty of families promised for next week’s sale. A buoyant trade for the stock forward today, with an extremely mixed entry in terms of quality. Once again a smart run of hoggs from G Atkinson & Son of Green Farm saw Mule Hoggs with lambs sell to £168 and Texel Hoggs from the same, good home selling to £145. Texel ewes with twin lambs from the Parker Family of Cragg Bank, sold to £165, with Suffolk Ewes with Texel twins from Jack Ainsworth of Carnforth, selling to £162. Once again, at J36, an active ring of buyers looking to purchase sheep.


An entry of just shy of 300 Spring Lambs forward, once again, at J36 Rural Auction Centre, saw trade in line with other centres nationwide. Butcher quality lambs short in supply and could have easily seen more sell, with lambs selling between 230ppk and 250ppk, topping at 256ppk from DC D & JD Taylor of Garnett Folds. Majority of first cross lambs out of mules selling around 190ppk. A market average of 188ppk was achieved, with buyers cautious of lambs short of finish.


The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs had another good entry of just shy of 500 Prime Hoggs forward. Well fleshed hoggs very short in supply today and more could have easily been sold. Well fleshed hoggs regularly selling between 170ppk and 190ppk. A lot of hill hoggs in the market sold to a mixed trade, with flesh wanted and lean types very hard to place today.


Another big entry, with 415 forward, topping the trade was a Texel ewe at £113. Best ewes up and over £100, buyers cautious of over fat ewes. JN & DJ Bowes, Crook sold mules to £80, biggest sorts £74-£79. Overall, trade not quite as fast. However, good sheep, were well bid for.


All classes of pigs at the monthly sale this week, with 109 forward. Prime pig trade was a touch easier than seen in previous weeks, topping at £108 for a nice pair of gilts from JR Corlett, Cockermouth or 114ppk for a 79kg gilt from PK & R Woof, Stainton. Store and weaners pigs were the best trade of the day. Stores sold to £62 from Karl Sweeting, Ulverston and weaners to £68 from D & R Cornthwaite, Lockerbie.

Top prices:

Spring Lambs: Tex: £105 Low Barrows Green, Garnett Folds; £100 Stubb Farm; £98, £95 Trees Farm. Suff: £100.50 Low Barrows Green; £94.50, £89 Birds Park Farm; £86.50, £86 Low Brundrigg. Char: £97 Kingsland; £95 Red Scar; £85 Red Lodge. Dors: £81.50, £77.50 Warth Sutton; £80 Beckside Barn. Belt: £79 Farleton House. Mule: £64 Barn Owl Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Tex: £98 Mint Close; £90 Tarn Farm; £89, £88.50 Killington Drive. Suff: £93 Dawson Fold; £83 Field House. Char: £89 Gateside Farm; £85 Harbarrow Farm. Herd: £76 New Close; £56 Mireside Farm; £56 Moss House Farm. Mash: £74 Killington Drive. Chev: £72.50 Mansrigg Hall; £70.50 Ballafayle; £65.50 Hall Bank. SBF: £69 Parks Farm Barn. Mule: £68 Field House; £65 Tongue House Farm; £64 Parks Farm Barn. Tees: £65 Killington Drive. Swale: £57.50, £57 Parks Farm Barn; £52 Tongue House Farm; £51.50 Old School House. Wood: £55 Keerfalls Forest. RFell: £54, £50 Parks Farm Barn. Lonk: £54 Higher Salter. Rye: £46 Keerfalls Forest. Dales: £45 Low Audlands

Cast Sheep: Tex: £113, £103 Cooilingel Farm; £110 Hill Park; £106 Ballacarnane Farm; £103 Ellers Farm. Suff: £105 Wellington View; £95 Dawson Fold, Coolingel Farm, Hazelslack Tower; £94 Netherbeck Barn. Hamp: £98 Endmoor Farm. Char: £86 Dawson Fold; £83 Cinder Hill Farm; £72 Broad Oak. Chev: £86, £69 Cooilingel Farm; £71 Ballacarnane Farm. Mule: £80 Low Brundrigg; £79 Hawkrigg End, Hill Park; £78 Little Deepthwaite, Millbeck. Zwart: £78, £70 Ballacarnane Farm. Lleyn: £78 Cragg Farm; £75 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mash: £74, £68 Low Audlands. RFell: £73, £54 Gateside Farm; £69 Millbeck. Tees: £73 Low Audlands. Swale: £68 Higher Salter; £59 Nether House Farm; £58 Overhouses. SBF: £66 Coolingel Farm; £60 Ballacarnane Farm, Field House. Wood: £68 Keerfalls Forest. Dales: £65 Low Audlands. Herd: £62, £61 Tongue House Farm. Belt: £60 Farleton House. Leic: £56 Cooilingel Farm

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