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J36 - Thursday 12th May 2016

Posted Thursday, 12 May 2016, 4.31pm


A nice entry of rearing calves and stirks sold to a very fast trade, with all vendors leaving well suited. British Blues dominated the top prices, with Bulls at 2m 13days from B Mallinson & Son, Levens, selling to £470. Others at 1m 20days from Bill Sharp, Flodder Hall at £460. Three blue bulls over £400 and an average of £390. Native calves sold to £300 for Angus Bulls from Messers Wilson, Allithwaite and £285 for Angus Heifers from Messers Chadwick, St Michaels. Black and White calves sold well, topping at £102 at 4 weeks with strong rearing calves £70-£90. Younger, plainer calves £40-£60. A nice entry of stirks sold to £610 for a suckler bred Limousin heifer at 6 months from P W Clarke, Crosthwaite. Blue Bulls at 3month to £560, again from B Mallinson & Son, Levens.


Today we had 34 Cast Cows and Bulls forward. Cast cows averaged 102.3p/kg and were keenly bid for.
Top price was 139.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from F & J Mason, Mireside, a Limousin Cow from Forest Hall Farms and also for a Friesian cow from RL & J Crowe, Hall Farm.


In the Store Cattle ring 141 were forward, all kinds sold dearer than a fortnight ago, some kinds between £70-£100 dearer from the last sale.

Top price £1210 for a 24 months old Limousin Bullock form J & ME Bateman, Lowgill Farm.

Leading Prices:

CAST COW – BRB: 139.5 Mireside Farm. LIM: 139.5 Forest Hall; 117.5 Gateside Farm; 117.5 Lowgill Farm. FR: 139.5 Hall Farm; 111.5 Townhead Farm; 107.5 Elm Tree Farm. AA: 113.5 Mislet Farm; 111.5 Lowgill Farm. SHO: 99.5 Strickley.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 105.5 Tranthwaite Hall; 103.5 High Bracken Hall.

CAST BULL - LIM: 117. 5 Forest Hall.

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1210 Lowgill Farm; £1070 Millom Castle; £910 Low House. BRB: £940 Archers Hall; £940 Horrace Farm. AA: £940 Stockber; £890 Archers Hall. CH: £890 High Wray Farm; £780 Ashes. HE: £850 Crabtree Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1130 Lowgill Farm; £1050 Dendron Farm; £950 Millom Castle. BA: £840 Granby Farm. CH: £810 High Wray Farm. AA: £730 Crabtree Farm; £700 Dendron Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB: £470 Ravens Lodge; £460 Flodder Hall. AA: £300 Wyke Farm; £295 Sowerby Lodge. FR: £102 Hall Farm; £90 Flodder Hall; £77 Low Field Farm.

HEIFER CALF – LIM: £305 Spout House; £260 Strickley. AA: £285 Sowerby Lodge; £260 Wyke Farm.

BULL STIRK – BRB: £560 Ravens Farm. FR: £270 Low Field Farm.

HEIFER STIRK – LIM: £610 Woodside Farm. BRB: £515 Ravens Lodge; £440 Low Field Farm. HE: £410 Ravens Lodge.

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