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Lancaster Show & Sale of Breeding Sheep Monday 18th April 2016

Posted Monday, 18 April 2016, 4.29pm

Caption: Champion Pen of Sheep with Lambs from Jimmy Wood (Centre), Judged by Maurice Lawson (Left) and George Spedding (Right)

Biggest Entry to Date for Sheep with Lambs

Spring Lambs

A better entry this week in terms of quality and numbers with 46 spring lambs forward selling to a market average of 230ppk topping at 292ppk or £114 from S Wilson & Son of Burrow Heights. Plenty of pens of lambs selling around 230ppk with a lot more interest from buyers this week with better type’s 240ppk-250ppk.

Prime Hoggs

The numbers have started to dry up for Prime Hoggs but a better trade today especially for meated hoggs, that would sell around the 200ppk mark again this week. Horned lambs eagerly bid for and looked a good trade on the day. The overall market average was 166ppk with 39-45kg averaging 172ppk. Trade topped at 205ppk for good quality Texel hoggs from GH Sanderson & Family of Kirkham with the top price of the day £90 coming from the same good home.

Cast Sheep

A good entry of just shy of 100 cast ewes forward. All types of ewes eagerly bid for, with better bred continental ewes selling in the nineties topping at £101 from B & J Preston of Ellers Farm. A mixed entry of Mule ewes saw better ewes selling easily ion the seventies.

Breeding Sheep

The annual show and sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot and Shearlings with lambs at foot attracted the biggest entry of sheep to date this season with well over 300 lives being sold. The trade continues to be hard work in comparison to last year’s trade. The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Maurice Lawson of Ingleton who awarded the overall champion pen to Continental/Suffolk shearlings from Jimmy Woods of Popes Farm. Trade topped at £190 for Champion pen selling with smart Beltex twins. Singles sold to a top price of £130 for a Blue Du Maine shearling suckler a very stylish Beltex gimmer from the same good home. Aged ewes sold to £172 for Continental ewes from James Burr. Aged mule ewes with strong twin lambs and older ewes with strong lamb continue to be very good sell and eagerly bid for.

Sheep & Lamb Show Results

Pen of 5 Mule Shearlings with Twin Lambs at Foot

1st P Anderton, Wyre Farm
2nd WG & E Sutcliffe, Tarn Farm

Pen of 5 Continental & Suffolk Shearlings with Twin Lambs at Foot

1st J Wood, Popes Farm
2nd J Wood, Popes Farm

Pen of 5 Mule Ewes with Twin Lambs at Foot

1st B & SE Carter, Cragg End
2nd K Swarbrick, Bensons Farm
3rd J Burr, Little Fell

Pen of 5 Continental & Suffolk Ewes with Lambs at Foot

1st JT & B Fox, Blackwood End


J Wood, Popes Farm

Top Prices

SPRING LAMBS – CH: £114 Burrow Heights Farm; £93 Springfield Farm. SUFF: £107 Cocker House Farm. TEX: £86 Springfield Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £92 Blackleach House Far,£88.50 Throstle Grove Farm; £88 Gibsons Farm. CHEV: £89 Weavers Farm; £63 North Farm. SUFF: £84 Booth Hall; £80 Blackleach House Farm; £80 Parks Farm Barn. MULE: £76 North Farm; £70 Parks Farm Barn; £68 Rye Close. CH: £74 Parks Farm Barn; £65 North Farm; £65 Middle Ridge Farm. HRN: £70 Moss House Farm. SWALE: £62 Moss House Farm; £60 Parks Farm Barn.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £101 Ellers Farm; £93 Hall Croft Barn; £91 Overdale. CHEV: £94 Hazel Brea. SUFF: £88 Burrow Heights Farm; £76 Wellington View. MULE: £78 Burrow Heights Farm; £73 Middle Lee Farm; £70 North Farm. LEI: £77 Ouzelthorn Farm. SWALE: £52 Church Grove; £46 Middle Lee Farm; £43 Yates Farm.

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