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Lancaster Monday 25th April 2016

Posted Monday, 25 April 2016, 4.11pm

Prime Stock & Breeding Sheep at Lancaster

Spring Lambs
The largest entry of spring lambs to date with over 100 forward. The trade topped at 226ppk from Andy Wilson of Burrow Heights with Charollais lambs, trade was topped by WJ & L Barker of Brown Edge selling Charolais lambs to £98.

Prime Hoggs
Well fleshed and in specification hoggs good to sell with a market average of 170ppk. Trade topped at £88 from R Collinge & Son of The Dingle for a pen of continental hoggs with plenty of pens of continental hoggs selling either side of £80. Hill bred hoggs saw Cheviot hoggs sell to £79.50 from J & H Davis of Weavers Farm.

Cast Sheep

Ewes continue to sell to a strong trade at Lancaster, topping at £98 for a Suffolk from FK & F Woodhouse & Son, Scorton. Texels sold to £93 from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth. Mules sold well, topping at £89, with others at £87 from D France, Isle of Sky. Dalesbred ewes sold to £64 for a pen of 8 again from FK & F Woodhouse. Overall average of £72 for all sheep forward this morning.

Breeding Sheep

Following on from last week’s big entry of ewes and lamb for the spring show a smaller entry this morning but the trade remains very similar. An entry of entirely old ewes and lambs sold to a top of £150 from James Burr for firstly a pen of Mule ewes with Twins Texel lambs and then continental ewes with twins sold to £150. Aged continental ewes with single lambs sold to £112 from the same home.

Entries to date for Monday 2nd May 2016
25 Aged Mule ewes and Texel Twins
12 Aged Mule ewes and Texel Twins

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – SUFF: £98 Brown Edge; £96 Hill Top; £90 Knowsley Farm. CH: £89 Burrow Heights. TEX: £88 Burrow Heights Farm; £84 Hill Top.

PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £88 The Dingle; £84 Inverbervie; £83 Isle of Syke Farm. CH: £79.50 Weavers Farm; £74 Throstle Grove; £71.50 Inververvie. SUFF: £79 Maddison Avenue; £72 Goose Green; £64 The Dingle. MULE: £76 Isle of Syke; £72 New Laund Farm; £66 Lower Langthwaite. HRN: £72 Barn Owl Farm. CHEV: £70.50 Inverbervie. CONT: £67.50 Inverberbie. SWALE: £67 Parks Farm Barn; £63 Hare Apple Tree Farm.

CAST SHEEP – SUFF: £98 Fell End Farm; £91 Burrow Heights; £75 Barrow Greaves. TEX: £93 Burrow Heights Farm. MULE: £87 Isle of Syke Farm; £77 Fell End Farm; £71 Burrow Heights Farm. JAC: £72 Fell End Farm. HRN: £64 Fell End Farm; £59 Isle of Syke Farm.

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