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Lancaster Monday 11th April

Posted Monday, 11 April 2016, 10.46am

A slightly smaller entry of Sheep with Lambs at foot with many vendors holding off for the show next week. a better trade with more folk around the ring today as the spring weather moves ever closer and many people now looking to purchase. an entry made up older ewes and lambs. as per usual sheep with strong lambs easiest sold with buyers slightly cautious to buy sheep with young lambs.

A big entry expected for next weeks show and sale of ewes and shearling, well worth buyers and potential buyers attending

The Prime Hogg numbers remain very similar to the previous week with more lowland hoggs forward and more fleshed hoggs on the
market. The trade reduced at the end of the previous week and was very similar to other markets on the day. Well fleshed hoggs easily sold and more could have been sold with hill bred and leaner hoggs harder to place as the demand has slightly decreased and buyers becoming more selective.

Spring Lambs are beginning to come forward in larger numbers with more expected next week as more companies look to make the switch to spring lambs from prime hoggs next week. The majority of lambs forward today were commercial types bred out of Mule ewes, the current limited market with prime lambs only really being handled by butchers with only butchers looking to purchase at the moment.
Suffolk lambs sold to £86 from George Riley of Bolton le Sands.

An entry of 55 Cast Sheep and tups forward at Lancaster on Monday, best Texels over £90, topping at £100 for a Texel from RF Morphet, Halton. Mules to £79 from Peter Anderton, Scorton, with heavy Mules over £75. Swales to £55 from J & CW Metcalf & Son, Quernmore. All ewes forward averaged £67 per head.

An entry of 3 Prime Beef saw Herefords sell to 154.5ppk from JC Morphet, Hale.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: SUFF: £86 Maddison Avenue; £80 Cocker House Farm. CH: £80 Springfield Farm; £76 Wyre Farm. TEX: £64 Springfield Farm.
Prime Hoggs: TEX: £93.50 Blackleach House Farm; £92 Mill House Farm. SUFF: £90.50 Blackleach House Farm; £86.50 Sowerby Lodge; £81 North Farm. MULE: £84.50 Medlar Hall Farm; £74 North Farm. HRN: £79 Medlar Hall Farm. CHEV: £78 North Farm; £70 Lower Langthwaite. DORS: £77 Sowerby Lodge. CH: £70.50 Sowerby Lodge; £66.50 Sykes Farm. SWALE: £69 Parks Farm Barn; £69 Medlar Hall Farm; £66 Sykes Farm. RGH: £61 Hillam House Farm.

Cast Sheep TEX: £100 Far Highfield; £99 Mill House Farm; £93 Far Highfield. ZWART: £98 Mill House Farm. SUFF: £92 Far Highfield; £74 Mill House Farm. MULE: £79 Wyre Farm; £79 Blackleach House Farm; £75 Maddison Avenue. MASH: £77 Far Highfield. CHEV: £70 Wyre Farm.

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