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Lancaster Friday 8th April

Posted Friday, 08 April 2016, 5.06pm

Store Cattle

A catalogued entry of 256 store cattle at Lancaster this week, topped at £1310 for a Limousin Bullock from PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead. Heifers sold to a top of £1170 for a pair of Limousins from PF Lee, Over Wyresdale. Leaner and grazing cattle were dearer on the week, whilst cattle with a good covering of meat sold to a similar trade.

Cast Cows

A sharper trade for cast cows this morning, topping at 154.5ppk for a Hereford Heifer from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham. Friesian Heifers sold to 131.5ppk from the same home, whilst Friesian cows sold to 119.5ppk from MH & AR Robinson, Old Hutton. Best Black and White cows in advance of 107ppk with lesser sorts 97-104ppk. A full ringside of buyers bid competitively for all 64 forward, with more needed to fulfil orders.

Rearing Calves and Stirks

A nice entry forward this morning quality wise, however numbers short of buyers requirements. A nice run of 2-3month Limousins and Blues from Bill & Rob Rhodes, Galgate sold to £402 for Blue Bulls and £350 for Limousin Bulls. Angus calves sold to £280 for Named Sire Bulls from David and Eileen Wallbank, Abbeystead. A few stirks closed the sale, with Montbelliarde Bullocks from Stuart Taylor, Scotforth selling to £450, to average £406 at 6months old.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1310 Lentworth Farm; £1180 High House Farm; £1160 Cock Hall Farm. CH: £1250 Lentworth Farm; £1200 Bensons Farm; £1150 High House Farm. BRB: £1200 Pasture House Farm; £1190 Bensons Farm. AA: £1140 Middle Grange Farm; £1090 Cock Hall Farm; £1080 Hawkrigg End. HE: £1090 Toulbrick Farm; £1080 High House Farm; £1040 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1090 Gibraltar Farm; £1020 Cock Hall Farm; £930 Myerscough Hall.MON: £1080 Hillock Farm. BAZ: £1010 The Old Stable. FKV: £930 Holme Head. FR: £860 Gulf Farm; £840 Downlands Farm; £830 Spital Farm. WB: £820 Hawkrigg End.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1170 Lower Swainhead Farm; £1100 Manor House Farm; £1040 Kendal Hill. ST: £1160 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £1160 Pasture House Farm; £1020 Liscoe Farm; £980 Wood Nook Farm. AA: £1060 Manor House Farm; £1050 Mill House Farm; £1040 Raw Head. CH: £970 Manor House Farm; £910 Cantsfield Hall. BAZ: £970 The Old Stable. SIM: £960 Bouthwaite Farm; £880 Friars Moss. HE: £900 Windy Hill Farm; £800 Bouthwaite Farm. FR: £790 Berryholme.

CAST COW – BAZ: 129.5 Little Fell Farm. BB: 129.5 Brunstow. FR: 119.5 Holmescales Farm; 114.5 Langthwaite Heights; 114.5 Deansbiggin. ST: 119.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. LIM: 109.5 Brunstow. SIM: 109.5 Docker Farm.
CAST HEIFER – HE: 154.5 High Snab. AA: 144.5 Croppers Farm.FR: 131.5 High Snab; 129.5 Hoggetts Lane Farm; 121.5 Lawsons Farm.
CAST BULL – FR: 104.5 Cocker House Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £350 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIM: £310 Barrow Greaves Farm. AA: £280 Tills Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £402 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIM: £350 Barrow Greaves Farm. AA: £280 Tills Farm. FR: £100 Tills Farm; £85 Blackleach House Farm.
BULL STIRK – FR: £300 Stirk Hey Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – MON: £460; £400; Farmdale Road.

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