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Lancaster Friday 22nd April 2016

Posted Friday, 22 April 2016, 3.38pm

Store Cattle
The weekly sale of store cattle at Lancaster had a nice entry put before a full complement of buyers. Well fleshed, short keep cattle sold in line with the current dead weight prices. Trade topped at £1240 twice, firstly for a pen of 6 Charolais Bullocks from GR Bargh & Co and secondly for 3 Charolais Bullocks from PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead. Grazing and yearling cattle were good to sell and look dear in comparison to bigger sorts.

Cast Cows
A bigger show of cast cows this morning with 84 forward. Top pence per kilo went to DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland with a Limousin Bullock at 169.5ppk. Top gross went to S Kellet & Son, Pilling with a Friesian steer at £1060. Holstein cows sold to 119.5ppk from the same home, whilst heifers sold to 139.5ppk from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet.

Rearing Calves
A better show of calves this morning with 37 forward. Beef calves topped at £340 for a Simmental Bull from Eddy and Angie Newsham, Conder Green. Heifers from the same home sold to £310. Blue calves sold to a top of £340 and £320 for Bulls from Philip Halhead, Cockerham. Native bred vcalves to £315 for a smart Angus Bull from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cockerham. Black and White calves sold to a fast trade, topping at £205 at 1m 20days. Best Black and White calves in advance of £120, smaller sorts £50-£80 with younger calves above £30, to average £85. More calves needed to meet buyers demand.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1240 Rye Close; £1240 Lentworth Farm. SHO: £1200 Rye Close. SIM: £1170. HE: £1170 Raw Head; £1010 Windy Hill Farm; £910 Hall Bank.BRB: £1160 Rye Close; £1120 Gibraltar Farm; £1000 Green Close. LIM: £1150 Rye Close; £1140 Downlands Farm; £1100 Low Levens. AA: £1140 Underhelm Farm; £1110 Raw Head; £1100 Well House Farm. MON: £1100 Upper Foxholes Farm. BA: £1090 Lickhurst Farm; £1030 Nook Farm. FR: £900 Low Levens; £820 Stirzakers Farm; £800 Higher Lees Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1100 High House Farm; £1100 Pasture House Farm; £1090 Rye Close. SIM: £1070 Manor House Farm. CH: £1070 Manor House Farm; £1000 Bouthwaite Farm; £940 Lickhurst Farm. LIM: £1050 Bouthwaite Farm; £1000 High House Farm; £980 High House Farm. AA: £1000 Greenlands Farm; £940 Croppers Farm. HE: £980 Manor House Farm.

CAST COW – CH: 134.5 Dunkenshaw Farm. BA: 131.5 Dunkenshaw Farm; 129.5 Thornbush Farm. LIM: 121.5 Barker Knott; 117.5 Lower Swainhead; 114.5 The Old Stable. FR: 119.5 Pilling Hall; 117.5 Stubb Hall Farm; 114.5 Bambers Farm. SRW: 104.5 Sandvilla.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 139.5 Lane Ends Farm; 131.5 Greenways Farm; 124.5 New Brows Farm.
CAST STEER – LIM: 169.5 High House Farm. FR: 151.5 Pilling Hall.
HEIFER CALF – SIM: £310 Sellerley Farm. BRB: £300 Tunstall Hall; £270 Norbreck Farm. AA: £265 Tills Farm; £235 Tunstall Hall. FR: £65 Tunstall Hall.
BULL CALF – SIM: £340 Sellerley Farm. BRB: £340 Norbreck Farm. AA: £315 Cocker House Farm; £230 Norbreck Farm. LIM: £305 Tunstall Hall. FR: £205 Tunstall Hall; £150 Cocker House Farm; £122 Tills Farm.

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