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J36 Tuesday 5th April 2016

Posted Tuesday, 05 April 2016, 5.36pm

The weather still not helping the sheep with lamb situation, when will the sun come out?? Even with the poor weather, once again a busy ring of buyers at J36. Aged Texel ewes with well grown smart twins sold to a top of £172 from Messrs Young of Lindale. Aged Mule ewes sold to a top of £165 from D & J & A Freeman of Troutbeck. More sheep required week on week to fulfil buyers requirements.

A very mixed entry of hoggs at J36 in keeping with the time of year. Better bred continental and Suffolk hoggs were in very short supply, many more could have been sold to the advantage of vendors and required at J36 to fulfil the requirements of a very busy ring of buyers. Better types of continental hoggs selling in excess of 200ppk topping at 220ppk for Texel hoggs from Peter Cummings of 5 Holme Field. Texel hoggs sold to a top of £107 from B J Bowness of Blea Tarn. Hill bred hoggs sold around 180ppk regularly.

A good entry of spring lambs forward once again at J36, with 30 being sold this week. Dependant on the quality of the lambs, trade varied from 210ppk to just shy of 300ppk. Butcher quality lambs sold 280ppk plus and topped at £119 for a trio of Charollais lambs weighing 41kg. More lambs required and could have been sold to the advantage of vendors.

A bigger entry of cast sheep forward this morning, with 352 passing through the ring. A ring side of 7 active bidders ensured all classes were eagerly bid for, with a market average of £68/head. Trade remained similar to the previous week, with a lesser quality show of sheep. Topping the sale was AR & C Fawcett, Seascale with a pen of 5 Texels selling to £111. Best Texels in £95-£110 with an average of £81. Heavy Mules sold in advance of £85, topping at £98 from JB, L & I Ellis, New Hutton. Smaller fit ewes £78-£82 with plainer sorts a fraction less. Hill sheep sold to £103 for big strong Cheviots from Underley Estates, £71 for a pen of 4 Swales from FI & ME Little, Barrows Green. Roughs to £70 from TJ Winder, Gaisgill. Scotch Blackface to £78 from G & ID Postlethwaite, Howgill.

SPRING LAMBS – Char: £119, £116, £115 Low Foulshaw; £117 Kingsland. Tex: £113.50 Hawkin Hall. Dors: £106, £101 Skiddaw View; £101 Hallbeck.

PRIME HOGGS – Tex: £107 Blea Tarn; £103.50 Holme Field; £101 Mansrigg Hall; £100 High House. Suff: £98, £96 Mansrigg Hall; £92 Masongill Hall; £91 Hall Croft Barn. Leic: £98 Strickland Hill; £70 Boundary Beck. Char: £96, £89.50 Corney Hill Farm; £70 Bellart Howe. RghFell: £91.50 Riddings; £86 High Borrowbridge; £84 Millbeck; £77 Bellart Howe. Chev: £87 Mansrigg Hall. Mule: £88 Riddings; £85, £73 Red Scar. Herd: £84, £65 High Birk Howe Farm; £67 Boundary Beck. Zwart: £79 High House. Swale: £78 High Borrowbridge; £70 Millbeck; £67.50 Moss House Farm. Lonk: £77.50 Higher Salter. Jac: £66 Vicarage Road, Hall Croft Barn, £65 Moss House Farm, Dane Hill Farm.

CAST EWES – Tex: £111, £109 Silverhow Farm; £110 Crosscrake Farm; £105 Beckfoot Farm. Suff: £106 High House; £102 Hall Croft Barn; £100 High Green. Chev: £103 Underley Estate; £97 Silverhow Farm; £77 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £98 Hawkrigg End; £90 Lawsons Farm; £88 Helm Croft, Beckfoot Farm. Lleyn: £91, £74 Cragg Farm. Dors: £85 Hall Beck; £84, £79 Skiddaw View. Char: £80 Throstle Grove. SBF: £78 Riddings; £70 Farleton House. Ryel: £71, £70 Abbey Drive. Swale: £71 Helm Croft; £67 Braida Garth, Strickland Hill. RghFell: £70 Gaisgill Row Farm, High Green; £64 High Borrowbridge. Jac: £68 Mansrigg Hall. Herd: £64 High Birk Howe Farm.

CAST RAMS – Suff: £91, £81 Lawsons Far; £86 High House. Leic: £75 Strickland Hill.Swale: £74 Low Garths.

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