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J36 Tuesday 26th April 2016

Posted Tuesday, 26 April 2016, 5.46pm

A strong entry of over 200 families of sheep with lambs at foot forward today. The trade topped at £200 for Mule Shearlings with lambs from G & KM Atkinson of Green Farm with other pens from the same good home selling to £195. A flock dispersal from Robert and William Case of Dalton-in-Furness created plenty of interest selling to £148 for Mule shearlings and 1 crops with Suffolk twin lambs. A consignment of Continental ewes with Beltex lambs from Alistair and Bradley Thompson of Poppy Farm saw singles sell to £135 and £132. Sheep with lambs of all ages continue to be required, please advise Ian on
07766 521472 as early as possible for early advertising.

The largest entry this season of prime lambs with over 100 forward. Lambs topped at 228ppk or £105 from W Garnett & Son of Ackenthwaite with purer types of lambs selling in excess of 220ppk. The Majority of pens easily selling in excess of 200ppk per kilogram with a market average of 207ppk.
TOP PRICES - Char: £102 Langside Farm; £87.50 Low Foulshaw. Hamp: £93.50 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £88 Yealand Manor; £80.50 Skiddaw View. Suff: £97 Cracalt Farm; £95.50 High Underbrow Farm; £88.50 Carlingwha. Texel: £105 Ackenthwaite; £87 High Underbrow; £85 Skiddaw View.

A larger entry of prime Hoggs forward this week with just shy of 700 being sold. Well fleshed handy weight Continental hoggs regularly sold either side of 200ppk topping at 206ppk from George Harryman of Hawkshead. Heavy weight Continental hoggs sold to £94.50 from JE Stables & Sons of Grange-over-Sands with pens of heavy hoggs regularly mid to late eighties. Hill hoggs saw well finished Herdwick hoggs top at £81 from D Mallett of Ambleside with Cheviot hoggs selling to £77.50 from J Woodburn & Partners of Ulverston. A market average 162ppk.
TOP PRICES - Beltex: £90 Bank House Farm. Suffolk: £89 Parks Farm Barn; £85.50 Brow Head; £79.50 Mansrigg Hall. Mule: £86.50 Bank House Farm; £77.50 Parks Farm Barn; £73.50 Hartrigg. Swale: £71 Oak Tree Farm, Holme House; £70 Parks Farm Barn. Rough Fell: Parks Farm Barn; £70 Tarnside Farm; £60 Moss End Farm. SBF: £68 Tarnside Farm. Chev: £77.50 Mansrigg Hall; £60 Nibthwaite; £57 Brow Head. Texel: £94.50 Greaves Farm; £90 Whittington Farm, Holme Field; £88 Hill Top. Lleyn: £51 Low Foulshaw. Jacob: £54.50 Moss House Farm. Dales: £69 Yarlsber. Herdwick: £81 High Loanthwaite; £73 The Galleon; £67 Moss House Farm. Zwart: £70 Bank House Farm.

The sale of Prime Pigs saw a nice entry of 37 forward and a 100% clearance achieved. Taking the top price was a 141kg Hog, from A Fox, realising £138, closely followed by a smart Gilt from PK & R Woof, Stainton at £135. Top price per kilo came from the same home with a 71kg Gilt at 151ppk or £110 per head. Best pigs £108-£115 for Gilts and Hogs. Boars were slightly harder to place. Please note change of date for the monthly sale of Store, Breeding & Prime pigs in May to Tuesday 17th.

Over 350 cast sheep sold to a full contingent of buyers at J36 today. Again, trade remained strong for the best heavy ewes, topping at £100 for a Dorset Tup from MA Grant, Sedbergh. Texels sold to £99 for a trio from E Dodgson, Spital Farm. Mules to £82 from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton. Biggest Mules in excess of £75. Swales to £74 for a pair of tups from WI & A Atkinson, Bleasdale and Swale ewes to £65 from H Pumphrey Armitage, Milnthorpe.
TOP PRICES -  Hamp: £100 Winterscales. Dorset: £80 Yealand Manor; £76 School Hill; £74 Skiddaw View. Suff: £85 Winter Tarn, Bank House Farm; £79 Winter Tarn. Masham: £69 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £82 Green Close; £81 Endmoor Farm; £80 Hagg Farm; £79 Haveriggs Farm; £78 Forgelands. Swale: £74 Holme House; £69 Holme Farm; £68 Moss End Farm; £65 Preston Patrick Hall. Rough Fell: £70 Croft Foot, Wasdyke Farm; £50 Crabtree Farm. SBF: £56 Moss Howe Farm.; £50 High Loanthwaite. Char: £88 Greaves Farm; £87 Moss House Farm; £75 Yealand Manor. Chev: £79 Low Tarn Green; £72 Tottlebank. Texel: £99 Spital Farm; £97 Graining Field; £92 Low House; £91 Holmes Head Farm; £89 Carlingwha. Lleyn: £90 Cragg Farm. Leic: £86 Preston Patrick Hall; £84 Park Avenue; £77 Holme House. Jacob: £65 Skiddaw View. Dales: £76 Holme House. Tees: £89 Holme House. Zwart: £85 Skiddaw View; £78 Penrose Cottage. Lonk: £68 Higher Salter.

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